Mage Help Needed - DPS

I have recently gotten my mage raid ready but, on the target dummy at least, I seem to be doing quite low damage. I pull about 24k in my burn phase but only 18k before and afterwards. In my conserve phase I'm generally casting ABx2-3 and clearing with Missiles. This seems to be efficiently keeping my mana at 90-95%.

During my burn phase, I just spam AB until 35% and Evo. With my gear and stats and such, are these numbers expected or should I change up my rotation?
I assume you are doing arcane as your main spec:

You could reforge all of your gear to better stats, you are missing enchants also.

Arcane is pretty simple :

AB x3 and AM

When you have evo up. Burn down to 30% then evo and continue step 1.

Some tips: When incoming damage is coming your way use mana shield and mage ward. <incanters absorption.

Mana gems give you a boost as well. Time them all fairly good!

I really really don't like arcane for most DS fights, there are moving and you can not do damage while moving to different locations vs. fire.

Good luck

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