Holy Priests in arenas?

I don't believe I've *ever* seen a Holy Priest in an arena - why is that? Obviously Disc has far better tools for PVP, but does Holy really have no role whatsoever outside of PVE and BGs?
Well Disc is better and they both fill the same role and in very much the same.

It isn't like Frost and Fire that have two different playstyles and lots of different strengths/weaknesses.
But surely a skilled Holy Priest still has something to offer with their powerful HoTs and instant PW heal? I kinda want to play a few games as Holy just so I can see for myself where its weaknesses are...
Like many others, I played a holy priest through the first half of S9 in Arenas. They weren't too bad. Chastise was a really nice CC which helped us land many kills. The big problem with Holy was that it just wasn't as survivable and with the 4-piece bonus, disc was pretty much just as mobile as holy. Now, if the 4-piece stacked with body and soul, I'd be playing holy in arenas!

You can go holy, especially in 2s. I think there's quite a few 2s comps where you could argue holy is a better choice. And I definitely think holy priest is stronger than resto druids!
i've seen holy in 2s to troll. its !@#$ing annoying as %^-* thinking u have a kill and their wings takes them to full. like a certain other class i know.... except that class can pump out 40k ToVs with their wings popped.
I've seen a few Holy Priests now and then.
I always wonder if they just forgot to change spec before the arena started.

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