Corrupted Element is recruiting

Corrupted Element (Lvl 25) - 4/8HM DragonSoul

GM: Tokoo
Officers: Morganis, PÖÖt, RÖbb, HalØmx, Jedavdelilah, or Gilthirus

Core Raid Days - Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday 8pm-12am (server time)
2nd Group - Sunday 8pm-12a (server time) (This is subject to change)

Currently in need of a Raid Leader for our 2nd group. A few extra tanks, Dps, or healers are welcome to join as well like most raiding guild we are striving to Run 25m raids in MoP, as we understand things happen and we need people to step in, and to replace poor performers... cause sometimes you just have an off night. Please apply on the website listed above, or contact one of our officers in game.

Basic requirements of all prospective applicants:
Team Speak is a must.
A stable internet connection.
Good attitude - Must know how to listen, play well with other, follow directions, and don't mind wiping for hours while learning new fights. Our guild is not for everyone our conversations get very mature, and if you can't handle that its fine, I will never harbor hard feelings (just a warning).
Must know how to let your raid leader know if you're not going to make the raid for any reason.

Basic requirements for Raid Leader
Must know 8/8 and be ready to start HM ASAP.
Know how to lead - Knowing how to prepare for a raid, roles/loot/setting it up/and rules.
Must take responsibility serious.
Play nice, and be fair.

Basically I need someone I don't have to hold their hand, and explain everything to them. I want to focus with our main group on HM's, not stop what I am doing to settle loot issues, or explain a fight, as a leader you should no how to handle these things.
4/8hm and you have zero hm kills whatsoever to your name

and does it really take 3 nights do go 4/8?! talk about lack of efficiency

4/8hm and you have zero hm kills whatsoever to your name

and does it really take 3 nights do go 4/8?! talk about lack of efficiency


That's sweet, to think this is my mian raiding toon numbnuts. My DK is my main for raiding, ya it use to be this toon, but I had problems with tanks being idiots. If you like to check him his name is Hellbrigade, we only started HM's recently due to set-backs.

Not certain but I think you can check under guild achvs to see the progression. Either way you must have no bawls, since you used someone other then your main to post. :p
BTW we only been raiding 2 days because I have been leading the 2nd group, hence the reason I need someone that can do it.
Hey Tokoo, how you doing? Sorry I havent been coming into Teamspeak to say hi, I had a problem with my computer and had to reset it to factory settings. The short name of this character you used to know me by started with a Z and ended with a T.
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