403 prot war & 397 prot/ret paly LF HM guild

What the subject says. We are both looking to go horde and looking for a hard mode guild. We are both 4/8 HM exp in 10 man. We are looking for 10 or 25 man. Pref anything from 9pm CST or later. I (the warrior) am a main tank, the paly is off tank/ret in our current guild runs. I have souldrinker, heroic IP, and other heroic pieces. The paly has heroic gear for both tanking and ret. Msg in game or reply here.
would u consider 8-12:30 CST T Tu sun?
We're looking for a HM ready ret pally at the moment. We 'may' be able to accomodate a prot warrior as well.

This is a GDKP run.

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