[H] Antiquus 8/8HM @ 5% Nerf LF Tank


As title suggests we are looking around for an exceptional DK/Pally tank to head into MoP with.

Our progression this tier landed us at 8/8HM at the 5% nerf mark as 10 man team, and we are looking at forging ourselves for MoP progression.

Our raid times during progression are Wed Thurs Sun Mon* 7:00-10:00 AEST. We will not always raid on the monday, depending on the week. We are just in farm mode atm with random achieve running. We are clearing 25 HM with a fellow guild (IAC) until MoP.

Chuck in an app at http://antiquus.wowstead.com/ if you are interested :)

Alternatively add sjmatth1@hotmail.com if you wish to discuss/ask anything before placing an app in.


Bumpzies for the tank.
Bump for losing LFR vials.
Bump for potato
Bump for sexy Yak Carried can't afford.
bump for yaks
Bump for Shufflebush.
bump for 2700 in 4's
Bump for recruiting an exceptional DK tank to round out our team.
Good luck.
Bamp for DK Tank
^ Also bump for http://antiquus.wowstead.com/forums
Bump for MoP beta raids starting on saturday

Also still looking for a solid DK tank

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