8/8h 25m Shadows and Dust Recruiting DPS/Heal

<Shadows and Dust> is currently recruiting any player of exceptional skill level to join us in progression raiding for the release of MoP. SnD was established on Ravenholdt server in 2007 and has since transferred to Mal'Ganis to be part of a more competitive raiding scene.

Shadows and Dust is now 8/8h 25m Dragon Soul. For the time being we are only requiring raiders to be online Tuesday (generally the full clear) and Wednesday (in case we need the extra night) for main raid; however, when MoP is released we will be returning to Monday-Thursday raiding.

Our raid times are ET 8-11:30 (PT 5-8:30; MT 6-9:30; and CT/Server 7-10:30)
We also offer optional PvP on Friday and Sundays starting at the same times listed above. A 10m hDS group raids on Thursdays from 6:00 ET - 10:00 ET.

Here are a couple of logs. If you feel that you could perform better than one of these raiders please continue reading:

FOR DPS: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/9wn5u3cb77tgb3yq/sum/damageDone/?s=4882&e=5151
FOR HEALERS: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-l8yul19k06jtrbdy/sum/healingDone/?s=8689&e=9423

What we are looking for:
Monk rerolls - beta experience mandatory!
Long term and dedicated players
Players who like to compete and always aim to be the best
Players who have in depth knowledge of their class
Raiders who try their hardest to min-max their character
Raiders who can keep a positive attitude
Raiders who get involved with a great community of guild members
Raiders who are ok with positive criticism
A stable internet connection
Raiders who are dependable
(If possible) Raiders who are willing to participate in beta raiding

If you feel that you meet the above requirements, please apply to SnD at


direct any of your further questions to Psychiatree/Baptistre in-game by adding me on realID at secondarydominance@yahoo.com
Bump for Donald "Duck" Dunn.
Aww, thanks Cam!
Bump for 3 1/2 hour raid week and 164 1/2 hours of error 37
Raids down to single night clear. Selling Savior/Firelord titles and Madness/Ragnaros mounts.
Bump for the troops. Semper Fi.
Bump for Drakes
I am the only raiding druid! :(

Need more druid friends.
Recruiting new recruiting officer to recruit new recruits. Will give out DI to first 4 apps.
Bump for Tivo and Breaking Bad late night reruns.
Bump for Henry Hill

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