[H] Infusion Late Nite Raiding LF WoD Raiders

I'm a perth player, originally from Thaurissan. Holy paladin. My group server first'd Illidan back in the day, but I took a long break. I transferred to frostmourne alliance for a 2 night gmt+8 raid, but this guild hasn't been raiding.

Are you guys recruiting healers? I haven't had time to gear a secondary tank or dps spec yet, although excess armour tokens are building to the point that I could consider it.

Most of my pandaria raiding has been lfr. I've done normal garalon and wind shaper, first and fifth bosses of tot normal. I like learning encounters, not afraid of wipes, make some mistakes but don't repeat them.
Hi Isotropy, please put in an application to our website :) http://infusion.guildlaunch.com.

We are currently recruiting 1 more for rotation, as most of us have RL responsibilities.
Are you looking for DPS? I've got an 87 lock and various ~40 alts I could level. I have no raiding experience, but I like to think I learn pretty quick, and I'm very open to criticism and assistance.

EDIT: I have a 87 Belf Demo/Destro lock, a 37 Orc Marksmanship/BM Hunter, a 45 Orc Enh/Ele Shaman and a 61 Orc Blood/Unholy DK.
Hi Galysona,

Thank you for your interest. We mainly recruit players who are already geared enough with at least 6/12N progression.

Wish you good luck!
bump! need moar!
bump to the top! still looking for exceptional players!
bump! still looking for more
Bump! LF Warlock!! Where are you???
have posted an application, hoping to hear back from you soon
Bumpity Bump!
Looking for a tank! Yoo hooo~~
We're still recruiting!!
recruiting 1 dps with offspec heals and a protdin! apply nao!
throwing my name out there if your interested in a 528 druid tank 2/13
Recruiting Pally Tank and Hybrid DPS!!
Bumpity bump.
still recruiting for raid members?

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