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This week, our War College topic is based on this article from Arena Junkies. Give it a read.

The topic of discussion is:

Communication - It's the key to winning on the field of battle. What hardware, software, and conversational strategies do you employ? What tricks of the team-talk trade make the difference between standing victorious and going down in silence?

Are you a veteran Gladiator with countless victories tallied? Are you new to World of Warcraft and striving to improve your PvP skills? In this weekly feature, we invite players of all skill levels to ask questions, share tips and tactics, and join a conversation dedicated to surviving and thriving in World of Warcraft PvP.
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Get a microphone.

Use Ventrilo, Mumble, or skype.


Most to all the times matches depends on the communication.

Check your mic before you start too, make you can hear people and people can hear you.

Also speak clearly, it can some times get hectic in a good match and your speech can speed up and become hard to understand, some one may hear it wrong and cost a match.
Ventrilo (or something like it)

Lets you coordinate your dps with your healers, allows for much faster and easier call outs on incoming attacks. Easier to kill an enemy if you aren't typing out the incoming into /bg chat.
Skype all the way for arena, its high quality, its clear, has no-push to talk, can adjust sound volume, and reduce background noise.

Also, if you do chose to arena, speak clearly, fast, but not a "omfgineedpeelzkthxby", make sure that if you do call out something, make sure its correct, like "Cloning paladin in 1 sec! Shizzle, he resisted! Re casting, he's in a full clone!" Make sure your words come our clear, fast, and limit ur words, dont cloud up with random chit chat like "how was ur day" or "it'd be nice if you'd fear him."
Just say "Fear [Name]!"


Also shorten up some of the abilities names. like Nature swiftness.
"NS Clone full!"
"Melding to drink up!"
"Hojing" (Hammer of Justice)
"Pain supping [name]"
"AMSing (Anti Magic Shield)"

By shortening the words to letters or, shorter words lol, you can make it save time, and help in the long run! This is my advice =D
People talk in battle grounds?

I thought they were all robots.
Never let anyone tell you that voice chat is the most efficient way to communicate with teammates in a multiplayer game.

Nothing is more vital than hearing everything going on around you, even in an RPG (or in this case, an MMORPG).

Learn to touch type swiftly, and you'll have a significant advantage over those who use voice chat, as they will effectively be deaf and incapable of discerning most sounds from the voices constantly on the air via voice chat channels.
Get a microphone.

Use Ventrilo, Mumble, or skype.



This is key. But also, do not rely on voice chatting. Being able to hear the players on the opposing team is vital just with game sound on.

What I found helpful is putting the settings on high for shadows. This way, when in a battleground, Warsong Gulch for example, you can see if somebody is above you on another platform and you wouldn't have to rely on tracking. There can be upsides and downsides to this, but from my perspective, I recommend high shadows.
I would recommend Skype or any voice chat that is good quality and doesn't require a key press of any kind to talk.
In random battlegrounds, I will announce a strategy if necessary (Isle of Conquest in particular) before the match begins. In doing so, I make an effort to be kind about it but firm. The moment you call people names or try to tell the team about how everyone sucks but you, you have lost all ability to guide the battle in any manner.

In-comings are important to call out. If you are defending a node with a good vantage point and you aren't being attacked, calling in-comings for other nodes or scouting out possible ones to attack are an excellent use of your time. I make a habit of defending the lumber mill in Arathi Basin so I can survey the battlefield and announce in-coming attacks so the defenders can focus on staying alive.

When scouting other nodes, pay attention to the buffs of visible enemies. Honor among Thieves and Leader of the Pack on the mage guarding blacksmith is a dead giveaway that he has backup stealthed nearby. Make sure to include that when you call out that a node is open.
While vocal is obviously superior communication deaf people play this game and over come that limitation all of the time. Hell I was reading about this blind guy who plays wow and effectively raids current content and they even push heroic content with him. Communication is key but it's about both clear and conciseness and even politeness when you do communicate. Be polite with your criticism and be willing to hear criticism.

To use a 5-man as an example. We wiped. The tank was yelling at a DPS to stay out of the fire. The highest DPS was yelling about lower DPS. The healer died because the high DPS kept pulling aggro off the tank and the healer upon healing pulled it off the high DPS. Everyone knew what caused the wipe and no one had the same reason and no one would listen to what anyone else said. Everyone rage quit.

The most important thing with communication is communication itself. Don't be to cocky about your abilities because you can make a mistake as much as anyone else. Don't get brow beaten because you are a new. Just because your a new doesn't mean it's actually did something wrong. I've see ridiculous stuff blamed on new people. Don't insult others. And just because some one points out a negative attribute of your play style don't automatically take it as an insult.
Don't yell at people and say anything along the lines of "You're bad," "Your server is bad," or "We're going to lose" if all they said in BG chat was "incoming stables" or something to that effect, even if you feel that it is true or that your BG is going to lose.
Complaining in BG chat at any point in the game is probably the worst thing you can do to your team because it upsets other people and distracts them into typing a response rather than paying attention or using BG chat to call incs.
Just because you're up against a premade doesn't mean you'll lose. Just because they have more healers or rogues doesn't mean you'll lose if you're coordinated and you stick together and communicate well. I beat those teams ALL THE TIME and they're some of the most fun and challenging games. And even more importantly - even if your team IS going to lose, that doesn't mean you need to give up and try to get your team to surrender so you can leave faster. Be a good sport.
Keep communication civil or don't communicate at all.
Start typing with caps lock on; people will, without a doubt, take you seriously and listen...
A lot of people are mentioning mics.

It's worth saying that sometimes you just need to pay attention to the chat bar and follow advice. Quite a few just que and ignore it.

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