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Genesis to revelations; from the swing of the pendulum to the beginning and end of all things remains the vitalization that courses throughout dynasties and generations. The blood which runs beneath the surface carries emotions that are scarcely presented outwardly. Hatred, anger, wrath; the strength of all embodiments of these that compose a complex emotion is centered at the heart of our nation. The fury of a people wronged – those whom have been betrayed to a horrid extent.

And within this, only jests of cruelty are found from others’ – the witnesses – perspective of the fall.

From the forest of Quel’thalas to its decimated heart, the lyrics which have composed the Thalassian Song are shattered. Blood of forefathers serve as a sick fertilizer for the divinest of the nation; what contributes to power, the epitome of all Sin’dorei-centric culture.

Blood; spilt from the hushed heart of our nation, what brews within this sanguine liquid is tainted by apathy, disregard and ignorance.

Those, whom have remained faithful throughout the beginning, and to the end, shall bask in the dawn that we herald – a blood-bathed path to victory that glosses the very Kingdom’s cobblestone.

From the genesis of a people revolutionized around Dath’remar to the revelations of Sunstrider, those whom hath remained with true body and spirit what we are shall see the Glory; those who have remained what we were destined to be as a people:

We are the strength of a nation, the fury of a people wronged. We are the vitalization of a near-decimated husk of what the Blood elven name once stood for.

Fear us. Revere us.

Within the stories of genesis of a people to the revelations of one life, we have remained; we are those whom herald the new dawn, that which shines over a blood-bedewed forest where the trees remain triumphant and indefatigable in their presence. Where the colour of our enemies’ insides are what paints the High Kingdom to prodigious-standard once more!

For Glory and Vengeance- for the eyes of your Prince’s fel-flared iris remains embodied
within the shattered cerulean sky, Sin’dorei!

For Dath’remar, he whom founded the very nation you stand upon!

For your kingdom and people!

For Quel’thalas! For the Sin’dorei!

For The Bloodsworn!

- An excerpt from the chronicles of the "Bloodied Dawn"; author, Tacitus Lucaeious Felthian Armadynious Sunwraith-D'lanastion the first.

[Table of Contents]
I. Excerpt.
III. OOC statements; information pertaining to the guild.
IV. Bloodsworn Rank and Branches.
V. Guild Website and Application Information.

  • OOC statements; information pertaining to the guild.
  • The Bloodsworn is an RP-PvP Blood Elf-supremacist guild primarily dedicated to the domineering-perspective and privately-expressed opinions that all of our recruits hold. That being said, we are a Sin'dorei-composed organization. We are the heart of a nation; we are the arm of a long-forgotten law; we are to revere the name of the sin'dorei once more.

    Just as other RP-PvP guilds (for the most part) we do, indeed, participate within large-scale RP-PVP events which pertain to previously-planned story-lines on both sides of the Alliance and Horde organizations which partake alongside us or against us. In spite of this, we mostly have several story-lines and plots which revolve around interesting subjects, including political endeavors, several different escapes in which our members and branches are set into, and other factors which contribute to a very sound, though still very meaningful guild. Our organization it set on the repose and redemption for the name of the sin'dorei; our plots are simply to indulge our members in the atmosphere, but to also provide statement to those around us. The opinions and thoughts of our members do not just compose the Bloodsworn: we compose a new way of life.
  • Our Goal
  • The core goal of The Bloodsworn can easily be described by a simplistic statement: 'We strive to ensure a sanctuary for future generations of the sin'dorei, as well as preserve revered name of the Blood elves. ' With that, several other small contributes can be added to aid us in composing that initial value: The education of ignorant minds to our cause, the new morals and ideals that we offer to the world throughout our doings, and end of the tyrant of apathy and disregard for our people. In a side note, there are several opinions of prejudice and hatred that are the center-point for the views within the Bloodsworn; anti-Horde sentiments and operations are almost always underway to ensure that we place our money where our mouth is.

    "There are several branches that compose the Bloodsworn: the organisations that reside within the inner-depths are to see the entire prosperation of the guild as a whole; and, depending on class and ability tested beforehand, you are to completely adhear to what division you are plcaed within. Though the military-exclusive side of The Bloodsworn remains its most prominent force, there remains the undyling fury, as well. The Thalassian Court , led by the Justicar serves as the bearers of The Bloodsworn's divinity and Law, bringing a righteous force and symbolic arm of punishment upon those whom would dare defile the sanctity of the organization. The Sanguine Asylum; boiled in rage, carved by the essences of the people and war amongst their own nations, the nobles of Quel'thalas are completely and entirely welcome to revel within the prodigious academy's manor and grounds, harnessing luxury or simply enjoying their lives to the fullest extent - beneath the eyes of the D'lanastion monarchy itself."


    "The Praetor is the commander of all branches of The Bloodsworn; no one is to disobey his rule and order."

    "The Electissimus serve as a sort of literal council for the Praetor. The Electissimus is composed of the Praetor's most trusted and skilled combatants and politicians.The Electissimus is in-charge of the branches in which compose the Bloodsworn; I.E, the leaders of each selection division. There are eleven Electissimus-ranked Bloodsworn."

    "The Daybreaker is the highest rank one could achieve within the Bloodsworn, serving only a rank below the Electissimus. The Daybreakers are amongst the higher, though still subject to the Electissimus' rule, for the most part. Moreso, they are exemplars of their class; trained for combat and their trade entirely. [See more at the bottom.]"

    "Dawnfury are the second-highest rank amongst the Bloodsworn. The Dawnfury are the second-most skilled combatants in the Bloodsworn, having ranked up for their eminence presented in battle and alongside their fellow members. The Dawnfury are the higher-than-average of the Bloodsworn, composing more of the higher-ranking members as opposed to most enlistment."

    "Harbingers are the highest rank of the Enlisted; Harbingers serve only a rank beneath the Dawnfury, are are masters of their trade and specialization. To keep the particular chain-of-command in pristine order, the Harbingers are not considered officers; unless proven otherwise, a Harbinger cannot excell past this rank until appointed otherwise by the Prominence, Daybreakers or Sovereign."

    "Dawnblade: This rank is the second-highest rank of the Enlisted; the Dawnblade rank is the mediocrerank of combatant within the Bloodsworn, though are still commended for their achievement within their specialization."

    "Devout(s) are the basic rank of the Enlisted. Members whom are labeled as a 'Devout' or 'Oathbearer' are beginning their journey throughout the Bloodsworn's rank as the lowest rank of the Enlisted. These members have taken the oath of the Bloodsworn, and pledged their life to the organization's purpose - they are sworn in by blood, and have given their mind, body and soul to those whom shall command them."

    "An Abecedarian is yet another basic rank of the Bloodsworn. This rank states that the recruit in question has recently joined, and not yet proven themselves in combat in any way whatsoever. The Abecedarian is to completely confine to the rule of their leaders; questions or hesitations will prolong the process of trial."

    "The Politician rank within The Bloodsworn is one of simplistic value outwardly, though serve within another perspective to those within the organization itself. Placed immediately into the Thalassian Court (or "Court of Blood") upon joining in this rank, the exclusiveness implied is dear to the heart of those whom already serve within the politicial battlefield. These members are those whom aid the Sovereign and Prominence make a balanced descision in whatever the situation may be."

    "The Peacemaker; within the Bloodsworn, we are to note that several members of the Thalassian culture are reluctant to allow themselves to be exposed to further bloodshed than what had been provided as some sort of sick show. The Peacemakers are those whom are housed beneath the name of true Sin'dorei, advocating the good of the organization for the public; many are noblemen and women whom have strayed into the surrounding and taken a custom to it."

    "As opposed to grouping several classes within a branch that holds similar regard with one-another in the terms of training and combat, the Praetor and Elite of The Bloodsworn would much rather derive power that is drawn from each individual to create a force so focused upon the traits of one, the others simply co-exist without aid from the other."

    "Following with the in-depth rank, each recruit is immediately placed within the 'branch' of The Bloodsworn that is oriented to their specific trade, save that of the nobility and pacifists that advocate the cause, though refrain their capabilities in combat."


    "There is no righteousness, there is no justification in the actions of those whom oppose the Sin'dorei's power and divinity. There are those of the Templar specialization whom understand this to the fullest extent; there are those whom have remained within the dawn of a deity, for sake of the allowance at a later time. The Blood Knight regiment within The Bloodsworn (formally recognised as the Eleventh Regiment) remains as one of the most prodigious throughout Silvermoon and Quel'thalas' forces.

    Acting as a domineering force of reckoning, the Blood Regiment of The Bloodsworn within the operates and functions as a fully-registered Blood Knight convenient. Led by the Knight-Lord or Knight-Lady whom presides amongst the most-prominent rank of the higher-tier within the organization, this in-depth branch follows a specific order of ranking with its Templar.

    - Knight-Lord - Knight-Lady
    - Knight-Master (sub-officer beneath them, though acts as foremost officer in some situations).
    - Knight-Captain
    - Knight
    - Adept
    - Initate

    Interested, paladins? Inquire more within.


    “Wrath, anger, fury; the fabled ‘strength of a nation’ is simply that of co-existence in comparison to the core of these things within the brutal "; "Sin'talah" forged from the flames of viciousness, each Warden stationed here is solely trained for excessive combat that will end inevitably in a death-match. You were born for this; to fight, to succeed and gain honour, glory and wealth while fighting as a Gladiator beneath the Sovereign's rule."

    - High Brigadier
    - Tempest; Highlord (beneath the High Brigadier, typically composed of a Daybreaker regiment, or otherwise).
    - Sentinel
    - Bulwark
    - Warden; standard

    Warriors whom seek the fabled call of symbolic and literal high-rule should inquire more to those whom compose the melee combatants of The Bloodsworn.


    "Astromancy; the Arcane; frost, fire and other elements that all compose the art of magistry are to belong to the sole division known as "The Dominion of Blood". Trained within the art of each, all Astromancers whom belong here are to immediately undergo apprentinceship to another high-ranking Magi in order to gain the knowledge that is held much higher than wealth within typical society."

    - Astral-Walker
    - High Inquirer (once more, composed of primary Daybreakers).
    - Celestial Guard
    - Ashbearer
    - Astromancer; standard


    "In life, you were a hero; with redemption a sight that is forever-distance, a reality with ease and one sole purpose to claim your place in the world once more is something of a vision that you could never foresee, Reaver. Though within The Bloodsworn, all purpose to you is bestowed within the "Decimation Movement". With a moreso strict personality than all the other branches, save that of the Warden and Templars, the Decimation Movement is what you were reborn for: the death of those whom oppose it, and the termination of all things that are wicked in the perspective of even the most cold."

    - High Tyrant
    - Avator (Though with most cases, the Daybreakers are the ones whom hold and retain this rank, this is subject to change within the Decimation Movement, as qou of their motives and ranks of Archerus.)
    - Bane
    - Oblivion-bearer
    - Reaver; standard


    "With these examples in mind, many are to note the following:

    - INCUBUS - The "Dawnblade".

    - EVANGELIST - The "Nightlock".

    - MARSHAL - The "Praetorian Arrow".

    - BANEWEAVER - The "Domain of Shadow".

    - WARMENDER - The "Clergy".

    With this knowledge, it is safe to presume that each recruit shall be placed accordingly."
    ----------- BLOODSWORN RANKS; IN-DEPTH.------------

    - Warlord.
    - Blight-caller.
    - Horseman.
    - Reaver.
    - WARMENDER; PRIEST (Holy/Discipline).
    - High Cleric.
    - Confessor.
    - Warmender.
    - Recruit.
    - EVANGELIST; PRIEST (Shadow).
    - Confessor.
    - Chaplain.
    - Seer.
    - Evangelist.
    - Captain.
    - Marksman.
    - Marshal.
    - Recruit.
    - Occulist.
    - Soothsayer.
    - Diabolist.
    - Baneweaver.
    - Archmage.
    - Inquisitor.
    - Inquirer.
    - Astromancer.
    - Knight-Master.
    - Knight-Captain.
    - Legionnaire.
    - Templar.
    - Archfiend.
    - Spectre.
    - Vapor.
    - Incubus.
    - Tempest; Highlord.
    - Sentinel.
    - Bulwark.
    - Warden.

    "Together, these four branches and their pertaining ranks make a functional society in which all of the members of the Bloodsworn can be proud of. Learn them, and you will begin to succeed with us."

    "Behold the glory,
    Behold the wonder,
    What we have made shall not be torn asunder.
    Such vast achievement; stone men of pious,
    beneath the gaze of our Prince and a fel-flared iris."

    "Land of majesty, where our heavens smile,
    Jewel of history, shining like polished tile."

    "Serve and be silent,
    Your skulls, they rattle;
    We think of you as little more than cattle.
    This is your life now; and we advise you,
    to bow before whatever master guides you."

    "Feel the power here, power has its price,
    Some can live like gods, some must sacrifice.
    Through the centuries, many backs have bent,
    many dreams are built; many lives are spent."

    "You can't be humble - it's not your places,
    Thalassian solider no matter what your taste is.
    This is your future, your life suspended;
    and everything you knew before has ended.
    You are Bloodsworn now; we will have all control,
    from your every step, to our enemies' very bones."

    - The Bloodsworn's Battlesong.

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