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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Diss be da troll accumpa'ing ya mon.

(Sul- testing my trollish accent, looks like I still have it /cheer)
All right. Here is the character I believe I will try to join you all on. (I believe I posted on Onias before). I am in the GMT + 7 time zone so I don't know how often I'll actually be able to catch you online. I definitely want to try though. I want to slow things down and explore the largely player empty zones. See you around!
Hey Fizpuk, we're happy to have you! Slowing down, exploring the world, and enjoying the game with friends is our overall goal. We love having people who want that experience joining us.

And don't worry about the timezone difference. We'll schedule certain events, but for the most part we just play with whoever is on at the time. I know we have some late night/early morning members, and on weekends there will probably be more. As we grow that will help spread the timezone distribution out, too. =]
The first post has been updated with info about us and our group. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to join us!
Sorry for the late response, haven't had internet for the past week or so. :/

Anyhow just to be sure, I need to roll my new character on Emerald Dream right?
No problem Putro! I'm glad you're still interested in joining us. =] And yeah, we're on Emerald Dream. I'll be online soon, so you can whisper me for an invite if you haven't received one from someone else.

We've got two or three more people joining us, so we're growing slowly but surely! We'll be entering contested territory soon, so we'd love to have more people join our adventuring party as we head out.
Thanks for getting back to me, Pahtiki. =)

This is the character I'll be using. (Putro)

See ya in game. =D
No problem, Morzaine. Thanks for joining us!

Our little group has doubled in size today, and I think we've got some people new to RP servers in the mix so that's exciting. To all of the people lurking this thread, if you're hesitant to join us because you're new to RP and/or WoW, don't be! We've got a wide range of different skills in the group, and all are welcome.
With the addition of a good amount of new folks yesterday (welcome everyone!), we're lifting the level cap to 20 and exploring Ragefire Chasm this week (w/o LFD, of course). If you're interested in a classic WoW experience, exploring the world, punching the Alliance in the face, and doing it together, now's the time to join us.
Yer catch-en up... HURRY IT UP...

Anyone in the guild going to be online tonight? This concept sounds fun to me. I've never RPd online before; I've raided with almost every class at end game, and I've leveled a million toons; I'm ready for a change of pace.
I play tabletop RPGs so the concept of RP is not foreign to me.

I prefer tanking, I have all 4 tank classes at lvl 85, I'd be happy to play a tank for the guild.
I see that you guys already have a couple/few warriors (which is my favorite of the 4 tank classes), so in the pursuit of a better rounded guild, I could roll Warlock if that would be better.
I was telling my friend about this guild last night, and she said she'd roll a mage.

Let me know if you're interested in me and my friend, we'd like to join your ranks.
Hi, Farmhand! Your name makes me incredibly happy for some reason. And I'm glad you and your friend are interested! It sounds like you'd make an excellent addition to our group. I'll be on and off most of the day probably, just whisper me or anyone else that's online and we'll get you both set up.

Typically I'd say play whatever makes you happy, but we do have kind of a lot of warriors. Here's our breakdown, for anyone thinking about joining our group: 3 warriors, 2 druids, 1 rogue, 1 shaman, 1 paladin, and 1 hunter. A warlock and mage addition would be perfect, but that said, play whatever makes you happy. More tanks is never a problem, especially since the only dungeons we run will be done the old fashioned way, w/o that goofy cross-server-teleportation-cheat-button, so we'll need plenty of healers and tanks.

Hope to see you both in-game soon!
Greeting <Wanderlust Company>

I would love to join your traveling ranks! When I get on later tonight I will make a character on your server/faction and shoot whispers for an invite! This is exactly what i have been looking for!
This sounds awesome! And the perfect place for my goblin character I've had on my mind for awhile. I've never played on a PvP server before and am a little nervous about that, but I'm totally willing to try out something new. I'll be creating a character on your server and get out of the goblin starting area today, same name as here!
Howdy Honadan and Mokkia! It would be great to have both of you. We doubled in size AGAIN yesterday (to about 20 members now), so now is the perfect time to join. About half of us are 15+ and getting started on dungeons, but the other half is still teenie and leveling. We'll probably be set at level 20 until this weekend or right after the weekend, depending on where everyone is at, so there's plenty of time. I'll be on and off all day today, so shoot me a whisper whenever.

And Mokkia, darling, baby! It's nice to see someone from the old homestead. Don't get me wrong, I like these guys a lot, but they're all so TALL. Some green on the landscape would be a welcome addition. Don't sweat the PvP, I think you'll actually enjoy it. In any case, I got your back, sistah.
Kaja's pretty much covered it all already, but to the people who have expressed interest here we'd love to have you join us!

Our level cap is going to stay at 20 for just awhile longer since it's a good breaking point. It's not too high that people can't catch up, but it also gives us the chance to get our mounts which is great. We're also going to try doing a few RP type things to help get the people newer to that aspect of the game acquainted with it.

Whisper Kaja or myself for a guild invite, or apply through the guild finder. I check it frequently and add the people who request membership as friends so I can catch them the next time they're on. Please remember to have an RP appropriate name, though!
Hey Guys just wanted to say if your into this idea and dont wanna roll horde i am starting an alli side of this. I am one of the founding members of the guild and trying to enhance the rp by adding some some pvp and rp the the little event.
Ok my sub ran out so I haven't been posting or been on in game.

Anyway I'm thinking of changing toons, maybe rolling a Priest of Warlock, so I have to ask how is our healer situation for the group?
We actually have a fair amount of healers, and tanks, for that matter. That said, since we're actually assembling dungeons ourselves, I can never ask for too many healers. At the moment we have 4 warlocks and only 2 priests, so priest would probably be most beneficial. But choose which ever makes you happiest :D

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