Unable to complete Loremaster?

I'm currently trying to complete Northern Stranglethorn for my Loremaster achievement. However, I've apparently run out of quests I can do since I'm hated with Booty Bay. Is there no way of completing it now? I suppose the Cape of Stranglethorn is like this as well?

Not sure offhand, but you could check the addons Wholly and Grail to see what they say you should be able to do.
I have Loremaster. Wholly and Grail didn't work for me and I submitted a ticket about it.
You will need to repair your Booty Bay rep to complete both STV zones. You will have the same problem in Tanaris and Winterspring too, with Gadget and Everlook rep.

If you have got everything you want out of being Bloodsail Friendly, then by far the easiest/fastest way to recover the Goblin reps is to turn in cloth to the respective traitors outside each Goblin town. For example, the Booty bay one stands on a hill off the road just outside Booty Bay. Those turn ins will trash your Bloodsail rep however.

If you want to repair the reps without hurting your Bloodsail rep, the only option is to mass slaughter pirates in any of the places you can find them. This somewhat ironically won't hurt your Bloodsail rep. Apparently murder is perfectly acceptable compared to giving away cloth.
I started slaughtering yesterday and it's going to be a painful next several hundred hours :|
I tried repairing via death, but I got bored after 2 hours. My priest doesn't need the achievements all that bad, lol

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