ICC 10 man solo?

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i like the idea of 2manning icc25 but yer i see big hangup
how did u do bloodqueen the bites would do u over?
Pop lust and burn before the bites come around a second time?
01/26/2013 04:07 PMPosted by Cassima
I just tried 2-manning it with a guildie and I regret to say that we couldn't win the gunship battle. You need at least one person manning a cannon, another person to fight off the invaders, and a third person- preferably a tank, so they can survive saurfang's attacks- to kill the enemy mage.

1) Don the rocket, mount the gun and start firing the moment you can hit the bottom of the ship.
2) Take full advantage of the gun mechanic letting it heat up to 99% before using the second ability to dump the heat for big damage.
3) Attack the two mobs on the far side of the ship until the guns are frozen.
4) Kill the boarding party.
5) Immediately rocket over and kill the sorcerer to free up the guns and rocket back. Be quick about it.
6) Resume firing the gun.
7) Rinse. Repeat.
8) GG

Simple, but not easy. You need to be efficient about your jumps and DPS, but it's 100% soloable.
The whole raid is easily 2 manned on heroic. Myself and a Druid have little trouble doing the entire raid. The difficult parts are mainly the Blood wing with the whole mind slave thing but that was only because he wanted his achievement so we ended up just bringing another guildie and killed him when he became a mind slave. Other then that and the gunship being a bit of a !@#$% if your not organized. As for Been waiting a long time for this we did not try it. But I was wondering if it can be 2 manned on Normal.
I just solo'd gunship as a lock. its alot of paying attention. When he calls Reavers Jump out of Cannon. Demonic Teleport on Alliance ship. kill Reavers on boat jump over kill mage teleport back jump in cannon rinse and repeat. Aim cannon at a rocketteer and keep camera backwards to watch for the portal on the boat. Simple if u pay attention and know how the fight works.
Is there any way to get to the Lich King without finishing Dreamwalker? I've soloed everything up to it.
05/08/2013 03:59 PMPosted by Doomsauce
Is there any way to get to the Lich King without finishing Dreamwalker?

No. You need to finish the three wings (plague / blood / frost) to unlock the Lich King.

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