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Being an avid collector of rare pets, I was wondering if anyone knew if hunter stables would be getting any more spaces? I imagine MoP will have a few new rare pets for us to tame, hopefully challenging ones like Cata had.

I have some not-so-rare pets I am willing to part with, such as The Lone Hunter from Plaguelands, the blue & white tiger from Winterspring, The shiny cat from Stranglethorn and the mastiff I started with (before race-changing to human). I'd even be willing to give up Numaroc and Olm the wise if I needed to, freeing up six spaces, but Cata had like a dozen rares.

Sorry, I'm rambling. Basically my question is does anyone know yet about what and how many rares will be added in MoP, AND will hunters be getting any extra stable space?
there is no extra space as of the beta but i don't know if there will be eventually
More rares for me to kill. /evil grin

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