[A] Starting Heroic DS LFM 9pm-12am

Wednesday and Thursday NIGHTS 9pm-12am SERVER TIME

Glory Achieve is not necessary as we are going to START the heroic content on the 16th of May. Patience is a virtue because this will be fresh runs. Joining the guild is not neccesary, but is recommended for perks and what not. Looking for reliable, knowledgable players. A time extension on one of the raid nights will be done if ALL raid members agree.

-Min iLvL of 394
-Enchanted, gemed, reforged properly or at least on the way (Rep Enchants are not required, but recommended)(Armory will be done)
-Team Speak
-Desroyers End Achievment
-Must be mature, non-troller, able to adapt and learn

Classes needed:
(1) MDPS (Rogue)
(1) RDPS (Hunter)

This positions is flexible and all classes will be taken into consideration. Must be online and ready to go at 8:50PM, invites go out at 8:55pm, first trash pull no later than 9:10pm.

Full on Warlock, Warrior, and Shadow Priest. Reply to this thread or whisper/mail Daingerus or Minidotz in game for more information.
I have a 401 rogue I'd love to bring. I'll message you in game
Hope to speak with you soon Rawks!
In need of Hunter!

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