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Wyrmrest Accord
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Welcome, you're probably wondering, "What is the Blackmarket cartel?" and "How can I work with said illustrious cartel?" and "When is the cake being served?"

All in good time, my fellow Horde. But for the first two, let me elaborate.

The Blackmarket Cartel is the brand spanking new trading company within the Horde. We handle all things related to business and politics, and even offer premium protection and infiltration services. We specialize in weapons and supplies, and offer a wide array of merchandise and services to those who need it.

As for you, we're looking for more members to swell our growing ranks and help us expand throughout Azeroth and Outlands. We have become a large syndicate of business, and we're quickly heading towards bigger and brighter things!

-OOC Info

We have reached guild level 25, and managed to situate ourselves nicely into the RP community here. We do daily rp events, even if they are minor, and alot of pick up and walk up rp. We operate out of Ratchet and are slowly building up the Black Market AH as a second, high level base in Pandaria. But if you don't have MoP, no worries! We do alot of our events starting in Ratchet, or elsewhere in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

Members are encouraged to pursue their interests in the name of the Cartel, while the Cartel offers aid, finances and general fun rp. We are a Heavy HEAVY RP guild, and enjoy all aspects, whether RP-PVP, RP-Raiding and general pick-up rp.

We accept everyone who has a desire to play their characters to the fullest and look to work with other guilds. We work alot with numerous guilds, and hope to work with more. Our services are sold in both RP and soon to be more ingame capacities, and look forward to increasing both.

All levels/races/classes welcome, just provided you do an IC interview to show us who you are and such. While many services we provide, such as espionage, fences, mercenary work, and the ilk are common, we also have departments for regular work contracts and merchandise, so any concept is welcome.

Just whisper these fine folk;


doing /who and asking members also works.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Trade Baron Salsbury
A side note, We are fond of creative rp as much as or more then anyone. For example, one of our new members we had to actually break out of prison, and I interviewed him while we were being chased by guards. I thought it was amazing fun, and I like seeing that sort of thing.

Also, we look for any trade or profession, if it's caterer (we've organized two weddings already) or mechanic, or detectives or anything really. Just putting it out there.
Goblins, filthy things - this comment may or may not have purpose.
Actually, most goblins enjoy a bevy of perfumes and colognes, as well as regular bathing. I would argue we are EXTREMELY clean....physically anyways, lol. We have to make up for it somewhere.
*leaves the thread back at the top of the list reeking of undead ichor*

Sorry if I got some... me... on your thread Sals. BUMP.
Thanks Crest, always glad to have something of you left behind to remember you by.
Bumps away
Also, upcoming website after this week, it's going to be big. I will explain more when it goes live.
The Census may have some, ahem, business for a group such as yourselves... In the forseeable future...
Ohhh, Sal's branched out on his own?! This should be good. *bump*
Well, Catteline, I do have my offices in Undercity and Brill. However, seeing as I'm overseeing training as well, you may have to whisper me. We've expanded offices from Bilgewater, to Ratchet, and as of last night, Gadgetzan. I'm on today, if you want to talk.

Thanks Cassiele. I don't think I've had the pleasure of officially dealing with House Thalryn, but looking forward to it. Come to us for anything.
Also, a shout out to Taldin, who in his usual fantastic way has introduced the world to the Cartel's newest enforcer group; the Bad Feathers. In time, and with his help we shall introduce the world to our illustrious enforcer gang.
Good Morning Azeroth. Today, on Salsbury, our special guests will be Saurfang and his upcoming war strategy. Chef Taldin will be showing us how to fillet a murloc for all occasions, and the band, My Other Tribe, will be performing.

All this and more, on Salsbury.

*Cue opening intro*
It's about time you broke off on your own Sals. We will have to discuss further business and how we need more bear launchers.
The Trade Baron delivers as promised. Take from me, one satisfied customer!
Well thanks guys, I couldn't have any better testimony if I paid for it......

Hmmm,....gives me an idea.

*quickly changes into a large moustache, dark sunglasses and a cowboy hat*

I believe in the baron. Yup. He's fantastic. And awesome. And charming. And awesome. And a fantastic awesome goblin. And Fantastically awesome. And not arrogant in ANY WAY...

*the moustache falls off. Sals is unaware of this.*
Do you salvage artifacts? The Herd might have some use for you guys in Uldum, Ahn'Qiraj, and even as far away as Ulduar. A few of my treasure hunters and lorekeepers have expressed interest in gathering more stories! A couple of expeditions to rare and exotic places could be in order.

Wanna come? Anything you find is fair game to sell. :3

(( I'll send you the raid invites as soon as we get them up. ^.^ ))

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