(H) The Blackmarket Cartel now hiring!

Wyrmrest Accord
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by all means, yes! We definitely are branching out into the treasure hunting game. Do you want to contact me ICly today, when I'm on? either way, this can make for some fun rp.

I also want to discuss with you guys on some upcoming events I'm planning, hoping to get you to perform some cultural plays and such.
Sounds awesome! Keep in contact with my right-hand man Nightreed. I think you guys could come up with some cool stuff for us to do! Also, the soup Kitchen! Don't forget the soup kitchen! I won't be on much this week, but I can keep you posted with messages in-game :D
I shall get on helping promote the soup kitchen. I will contact both you and Nightreed OOCly as well, because what I'm working on is both an OOC and IC venture.
*sends the thread crashing back to the top of the list, several dents in the post*

"Nar'shak send thread back to top. Find honor on front page, not other page. Trading cartel good, deal honorably and fully support the progr... Prog... Helps the Horde grow stronger. Nar'shak may have broke thread forcing it back to the top. Nar'shak sorry."

OOCly: this is a fun guild for everyone to give a call to. Gets the job done and for the best prices. From fighting to treasure we do it all. Contact Salsbury for more info.
Looking forward to doing business with you bump!
And me as well, Roulette!
Bit green round these parts, getting my feet wet again and what have ya. I'll be keepin' my ear to the ground, though, might see if I can't be of some use to your organization.

Soon as I can hold a rifle without it shakin' all over the place. Rattled Bones Syndrome. Happens with fresh risers, apparently.
Bump because Salsbury.
You guys are the best! *The little sunwalker tosses the thread up to the top with quite a bit more force then intended.*
Aw, thanks everyone!

The Blackmarket Cartel is dedicated to the rest of you, to help bring more RP and better the community. This translates to trade deals and such ICly, but the concept remains the same.

This server has no shortage of fantastic players and open minded individuals. Love rping here!

Anyone who wants to rp with us, whether joinging our guild, or just having fun, we do it all!
Bumping for fellow gobs!
05/23/2012 04:21 AMPosted by Panappi
You guys are the best! *The little sunwalker tosses the thread up to the top with quite a bit more force then intended.*

I... I think you cut someone in half!

...oh, it was just some Alliance fella. No harm done, then.

This thread is pretty sharp.
Why thank you, I try to make sure it never becomes dull.
Woohoo! The Herd has gifts for the Cartel! This Saturday prepare to have your socks knocked off!
Well, good. They needed to come off somehow.

See, I invented to ever-stick sock, which once worn, will never come off.

You see my problem once I tested them.

Also, careful with that new trial spot removal the swindlescrew brothers are giving out... We spilled some on the dog and now I can't find him anywhere!
HAHA, oh you.....

By the way, how DOES your dog smell?
Just gonna...place us back....up there.....ya, looking nice.

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