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Wyrmrest Accord
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Whats up doode
Not much doode, jus' hanging wit my peeps in Undercity. You?
Rollin down the highway, doin my thing, you know.
Sounds good. Keep on truckin'.
Also, our current guild is structured with four major Divisions in mind.

Shadow Division, broken up into three sub divisions, is responsible for the dirty and darker jobs of the cartel.

The Bloodstalkers; fancy title for torturers and assassins. We like to employ them for information extraction as well.

Special Intelligence; Spies, agents and provocateurs. These fine folk aquire anything you need and then some.

Rook Branch; the thieves and con artists of the cartel. Masters of deception, disguise and deft fingers.

Bruiser Division is the brawn of our cartel, and happy to oblige to any rough and tumble situation. Three sub divisions are as follows.

The Bruisers; the bread and butter of the Division, this branch is our general guard service, and usually handles internal issues.

The Enforcers; what's a cartel without it's mercs? These guys will fight any fight and win any battle, provided you paid up in full.

The Bounty Hunters; We will gladly hunt down anyone for any price, assuming it's sanctioned. Anything unsanctioned gets kinda messy, so we prefer all payments up front and in pure gold.

Occult Division is our arcane and lore specialists. Our sub divisions are as follows.

Occult Studies; basic magical and historical research and information gathering. As well as magi services and so forth.

Tomb Branch; While Rook Branch can handle most thievery, Tomb branch handles robbing the dead. (Note: I said dead, not undead.)

Nocturne Branch; warlocks, necromancers, shadow casters, the works. You need a little black magic? Require some dark voodoo? This branch handles it all.

Trade Division is our most proliferate and open division. Our masters of supply and demand.

Research and Development; The brains who develop and craft some of the most ingenius gadgets and gear you have ever seen.

H.R. (Horde Resources); Public relations, management duties, event planning, and overall organizational skills.

Medical Branch; Healers, menders and stitchers. Always handy to have one around.

Supply and Demand; General craftsmen and tinkerers, along with tailors, alchemists and anything else you can spend gold on.

If you're looking for a service or item, or interested in being hired, seek out a Cartel rep in any fine, out-of-the-way, don't-look-directly-ahead, back-alley-dead-drop locations.
So many divisions...
We do alot of varied work.
05/18/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Nexeer
bear launchers.

Where was I when this product was offered? I want some for my keep >_>
We still produce many of the finest in Sals-tech, including the infamous Bear Launcher.
D: I do hope those are fully flight trained bears, otherwise G.E.H.T.A. will be knocking at your door soon... Also, I notice the distinct lack of any "green"-works in that research division. Hrmm, looks like you need a little Tauren touch. Now that the first of the month is over with work isn't so crazy. I will send you a message in the mail soon. :3

Also, for you! *Bump*
hehe i like this guild :D
06/04/2012 04:47 AMPosted by Salsbury
infamous Bear Launcher.

06/03/2012 06:18 AMPosted by Crestaen
Where was I when this product was offered? I want some for my keep >_>
Id personally like a rabid badger launcher.
*Makes some notes on the above posts*

Hmm, rapid badger launcher? I could cook up a device that fires a specially altered trans-genetic mogrifier laser which polymorphs any matter into ravenous badgers of varying size. Near some water? Who needs some pesky water elemental when the Badger Bolter 9000 can turn a simple lake into a veritable army of badger goodness.

As for green, if I paint the departments all green, and we wear green in our uniforms, does that count?
Hmm, I think we could arrange for a member to help green-ify your productions. Don't look at this as a pain that you must complete to make others happy. Think of this as a business opportunity, you will get to market yourself as the first Eco-friendly cartel. Think of the business and diplomatic implications! ;3
*shakes fist at Leyatee* Damn you for your confounded logic! Very well, you are right. I look forward to working with you, though it seems some officers in my absence need to be.....disciplined.

Looks like somebody is gonna be sleeping with the murlocs, real soon......
Business associate bump!

Also, posting up a wanted poster.
Hi bumps! How are you guys!

Just wanted to remind you fine folks of the Fire Festival March on the 23rd! We are holding an open market in Cross-roads, so prepare to make some money! The Herd will have a few things to give away in raffles too.

Love bumps! <3

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