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Bump btw, 6/8H now after just 3 weeks of raiding with brand new people with little to no DS experience and very little gear.
Hey...bump. Spine will die this week, and possibly Madness too!
@Crazy can I haz your goggles? They look cewl.
Looking for a resto druid with heroic exp !
With logs!
Or a boomkin!
Switching up raid comp still looking for that right resto druid and a fire/arcane mage

if you have logs that's a plus!
Heroic hagara and ultraxion down? WOOT! maybe Heroic gunship will be down when 30% buff is out!!! Gratz!!
yo yo bros chills out.

these guys are hardcore. they turn the buff off when they raid.

oh ya forgot to mention 7/8 working on madness this week ty guys for that cute bump ! :)
06/30/2012 08:00 AMPosted by Noashbringer
y guys for that cute bump ! :)

Not a problem. BUMP.
Are you having problems with your site atm? Registered to fill out app, went to log in and it refuses to let me do so. I even tried resetting pw and logging in again, nothing changed.
ya there you go should be able to see the link now ><
bump for you guys
Still looking for that resto druid
Wanting a druid that is looking to aggressively progress in mop as well as help us finish up our 8/8 this week!
Still recruiting exceptional players
Heroic Spine down, Madness is close.
Bump ,need skilled DPS, mage/warlock/ret pally/rogue. Apply at reign-tich.com
LF resto druid / resto sham and a rogue perf with legendary's

If you have any questions please pst me in game on this toon or Meerpond :)

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