Druid healing pvp

I'm only level 13(at time of posting) but i was wondering...am i bad or are low level resto druids bad at pvp?

If i'm just bad can i have some suggestions on pumping up myself(as in what spells to use in which situations)
No, rogues/hunters/ferals/paladins/warriors can all 1-2 shot everything in low level bgs, it's not you. It will slowly get a little better, but they're that way till the 30's. Keep the hots you have at the low lvl on you at all times, bind travel form to a button (mine is mouse scroll button click) and travel form away if you get a chance. CC if you have roots. That's about as good as it gets for low level
Reroll a priest you will be much happier!
Resto is garbage in PVP!
Would respecing feral be better for pvp? hehe I have the gear for both helaing and feral
Low level pvp is not balanced. Play whichever spec you wish and have fun with it.

Resto at max is the weakest healer because they nerfed our armor melee eat us up.
Feral low level can do decent with gear. Max they can do well.
Boomkin can do well at max. Add a healer and boomy can boom well.
Resto isn't garbage and is looking better for MOP. For low lvl pvp feral is probably the better choice for a while, makes a great flag runner in WSG
Resto druid is the worst healing currently in Arenas unless it is 5s and RBGs. As long as you do not get trained you will pull Incredibly High heals compared to every other class. Come MoP, resto druids will be among the top healers again, we will have tons of shenanigans to use and their healing will be much better. I'm guessing that Boomkin/ Resto Druid will be one of the top 2s comps for the season in MoP

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