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Oh oh do me

Would be 10 but I utterly despise that helmet
also trying again.. skipped :(
10/10 I was trying to make a set with that helm! looks awesome
@ Amonamarth FREAKING AWESOME! Really diggin' the shoulders. I was gonna ask why your weapon match... but I'll let it slide seeing what you have equipped :D

9/10 Always liked the Vengeful set :)
Sry, this is my shammy :)
10/10. AWESOME.

disregard my tabard..it's not part of my usual transmog
8/10 just cause I never really liked that helm, but otherwise very unique.
05/20/2012 08:50 PMPosted by Turgoth
8/10 just cause I never really liked that helm, but otherwise very unique.

8/10 the shovels make your set.
Did the best with what i had, i like it. lol
Just got this new helm and cloak for transmogging and I was wondering how it looks with the Normal Mode T13. Any opinions?
@Krsnik: 10/10. I absolutely love your transmog! I wouldn't want to run into you at night haha.

I am still leveling my shaman but I love this low level armor set's look. I'm not a kilt person and this seems like a "travel-hearty" armor. not too fancy.

Any tips on a pair of shoulders that would match it? I kinda want to hide the loom shoulders.
@Klarälven Thank you. I don't think I would want to run into myself at night either...

OT: I would hit up your local Blacksmith for Green Iron Shoulders or wait until outlands for either Exotic Spiked Shoulders or Sylvanaar Defender's Pauldrons.

@Ulzana 8/10. I would grab Talon of the Phoenix but that's just me. Hit up WoWhead @


for more ideas. :)
do me!

ignore the weapon
7/10 needs work, but the helm and shoulders go nicely.

Mine actually looks a lot better in game, I don't expect anything over a 5.
well i sense no transmog.. so 0/10 sorry lolz... for me
umm.. Wrath pvp set? plus my wpns.. i see no one else with this gear.. so bonus for being original ;)
So many awesome xmogs! ^^^5 Shamans

wishing still Rapph wasnt green

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