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oh i love the black with silver and the hat. 10/10. you can't see my crown but its the fire one from rag.
while not my style, still give it a 8/10 brcause it works

as for me...Still looking for Heavy Scorpid Shoulders and trying to farm for different axes
this is my enhance set .. i know shoulders are same old stuff but i worked hard on getting chest pants and boots to match. I will post later on my elemental set
Youre not finshed so i wont rate you...

Like that tier set, do not like the mace and shield.
why am i not done ? im confused

Ohh and 8/10 because its Tier and recent one at that but every dwarf HAS to have a Ale if you have a mace.
It may be because you neglected to rate the person above you.

I'd give it a 5/10. Doesn't work for me...the coloring is too far off, imo.
Now you are one killer looking dwarf!

9/10 for being a good armor set but for some reason, the mace and shield do not match very well with the rest of the set.

New transmog set complete! Had to improvise a bit but I'm proud of it.
I always liked the blue set on your race so ill give 8/10 also like the book..

This is my PVP set i dont see many people like it. whats your thought ?

You definitely don't scream Shaman so props to that.

I liked this set, don't hate :c
A recent set. I personally didnt like the look. 7/10 you need to find a sheild that matches alittle better
^^^ Venetia best xmog ive seen to date. Very very awesome. Really beautiful xmog.
I'll give it a whirl, took me a couple of weeks to get eveything... still not finished.

05/27/2012 12:12 AMPosted by Jaetandewae
^^^ Venetia best xmog ive seen to date. Very very awesome. Really beautiful xmog.

Tyvm. I am working on a set simialr to yours. Soon as I get the sheild off nightbane Im making a thread so you all can see it.

Kerena Cute xmog. Love the old school maces 10/10
10/10 very well put together

Ignore my tabard still useing it for rep lol
Nice Mog but I dont know how I feel for a "shaman". Either way it is very cool (im actually working on a very similar on for my hunter) 8/10

My set. I went very earthy for a Tauren type transmog. The shield has a red hoof print on it and my mh transmog sometimes has little lightning bolts come off it that power torrent manages to hide :(

I didnt try to go over the top with the colors. I also picked the shoulders cause they have horns (like me!)
^ your set definitely looks shaman-y. really like how its not all shiny and fancy.

as for me im a shaman wearing giantstalker armor, almost

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