Rerolling a pally... Which spec?

Ok ok so I must admit, pallys have always had my eye but the DK was my first ever class I just had to have do as soon as my first toon hit 55 .. BAM! I made this DK and made it my main. It is fun cuz I can chain run dungeons with ease but it seems they just keep getting nerfed or are just hard to manage. Idk, anyway..

I'm looking for advice on the best spec for Pally right now. I'm usually a dps or tanker , obviously but I'm looking to try healing maybe or just really any of em as long as its fun to lvl cus starting from lvl 1 just sucks. And I can't use the scroll of resurrection my friend sent me cuz my account is still active and has been for a while lol. Soo any advice for a newbie pally?
Go prot =)
I'm currently in the same boat. Leveling up my pally.

He's currently at 75, and Holy. At this point, he's completely OP!

Beacon the tank. Holy Shock on CD, WoG when you can, and fill in with Holy Light. Judge once every minute.

Soo easy, and the random queue is only up to 4 mins...
you prob would like prot (since you seem to enjoy being a tank)... but holy is def viable as a solo/healing dungeon build... cept once you hit the cata zones you may notice it takes longer to kill things with exo spam

if you go holy make sure to take the few damage increasing, mana reducing spells for exorcism, that waay you can heal the tank and beat/keep up with dps (in the lowbie dungeons)
Prot does more damage than ret cause of its insane AOE, and you get instant queues as a tank. No question. Prot all the way.
05/11/2012 09:10 AMPosted by Gerilb
Prot does more damage than ret cause of its insane AOE

No, no it does not.

At lower levels maybe but that's it.

OP: You'll have to try it and see for yourself really, all anyone here can tell you is what we prefer. You seem interested in healing so Holy is an obvious choice.

I personally would recommend Retribution because hey, it's the best Paladin spec.

But all three specs are in a great place right now for the most part.
All Paladin specs are solid at what they do. There really is no "best," but Holy and Prot will get you queues a lot faster. The only real drawback to Ret is that it takes a lot of work to do your job - this will change with Mists, but for now, I recommend you pick up the addon CLCRet if you decide to take that route. It helps a lot with learning the priority list.

I don't have much experience with Prot, as I haven't tanked since mid-WotLK, but I can say that healing is quite a bit different than most other healers, mainly because you have no real HoTs. You'll be a largely reactionary healer - pre-healing (i.e., putting up HoTs) is pretty useless, because it takes half a dozen or more casts to put up a decent shield via Illuminated Healing. Darkmajiks has it right, though, too. Healadins can be pretty overpowered once you get the hang of 'em. =)
Thanks guys.. For making my decision harder lol jk. Thanks for the tips I'll try em all out for a bit and see what we get.
Well here he is lol. Still a lowbie havent had much time with him but he will see 85 or what ever the level cap is when he gets there. Still thinking of spec but Ret seems to be the best right now.
Frost Fire Spec.
I'm thinking for leveling quickly, I could go Holy for dungeon chaining and then at higher levels decide which one.
Be honest with yourself.
- If you can manipulate a dungeon very quickly and well, tanking will level you the fastest. But you have be focused, and you have to be good.
- If you expect tanks to suck and want to speed it up, well played ret is great dps.
- If you like supporting a fast tank, the healer is the fuel that makes dungeons fast.
Hmm..thanks. I would like to try healing this time around, i have never given it a go it could be fun and interesting or i could be extremely bad lol.
Go Holy, here's why.

Holy does excellent in 5-Man Dungeons, and does well in Battlegrounds.
Between Holy-Shock and Word of Glory, most of your heals will be instant and mana efficient, unless you need something larger, but most of the times I can make due with that. Compared to other healers, it is VERY mana efficient.

Also, Holy Paladins can still do quite good DPS! Through a talented Excorcism and holy shock, it makes amazing burst damage. Unless you have a few 'tricks' up your sleeve to gain back mana, you will likely get a little low on Mana. However I've found in PVP it does quite well.

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