Why you like your DK?

Death Knight
The better question is "What's not to like about my DK?" I am seriously undergeared, have no glyphs, carrying a giant toothpic, and I still manage to have a good time. I like the options and coming from a fmage my DK makes me feel like a bad @$$.

At least I can pretend, hoping one day to join the ranks of the 85's!!!
I love playing with my DK all the time!
I got a free 100% land travel mount back when they still cost 600g to buy; the only reason I even made a DK and mained him over my hunter. I just stuck with him after that cause it was easier to level than my hunter and I liked tanking.
I like free enchants.....
'Cuz I suck at everything else.
noone in my first guild wanted to make a dk and the raid leader wanted one so I was forced to make one. Ever since then I have just stuck with the dk
Because it's just like the Shadow Knight
Getting a REALLY good Pestilence spread gives me little orgasms
I like DKs so much I even deleted my horde DK and started him over on alliance side, levelling this one on a record of 1 day 7 hours /played.

Also, my main was a warrior for a very long time and I got tired of hunters, mages, locks and very good boomkins kicking my butt every single time.
Played a main mage for 5yrs (Turran) got bord so tried out a rogue, lock, and warrior. Like the rogue for a while but felt cheep and dirty. LIke the warrior allot till I went into pvp and went face to face with frost and blood DK. I was like wow I think I want to give that a shot. I always loved my mage but he is just borning to me now in pve and pvp. I like tanking even if I am new to it and I like DW dps frost and 2h frost in PVP. I find them all fun and fast pace and with Ach going account wide in MoP I don't feel so bad about it :P

BTW instant ques are a blast.
The rune/runic power system is too much fun for me. Anytime I try something else I get bored in minutes.
Undead is my favorite race and DK is my favorite class. They go together like salt and pepper.

After playing a warrior for 3 yrs previously before Wrath came out, DK is exactly what I had been waiting for. The playstyle, the lore, it's all good baby.
Being a master of death and decay is too much to pass up.
Free weapon enchant(s)
Some of the best looking gear
Able to solo things
Dead flying chicken mount
Death grip
Anti-magic shell
Before WotLK Warriors were my favorite class followed by Shaman. Then when Death Knights came out I felt more related to the class because it was essentially warrior but with dark shadow powers and I love that sort of theme.

So it felt natural, didn't care for it being OP back then. (Heh, well maybe a little. *toothy grins*)

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