Guild is no longer raiding
Where's Mangs?
I am most pleased by this development.

I love the idea of a Horde 25 man... go Horde!!
Grrr, silly forums won't let me pick Medevacc at the moment. Suppose it takes a while for databases to catch up after a transfer.. Only transferred last night so our people will drift in over the next few days or so. If you want a look at our roster, take a look at dreadmaul / now in stereo.

So, yes, Mangs (former GM) wll be moving his toons over but he has not been playing for a while, too busy with work. I did drag him into a raid a few weeks back, but its a rarity. I am hoping (so is he!) that he will be back at the expansion. Ironically I moved from FM years ago to get away from the organisational side, so I think I want him back more than anyone about now! I'm a GM in RL and more than happy for others to help take the load in game! My role of late has been to delegate various roles as people put their hand up and simply handle any gaps and strategic decisions.

As for 25 man comments. Yes!

Till the last few months I have always raided 40 and then 25s. 10s just seems too simple and just not very epic. I do enjoy 10s but the 25s still seem like serious business to me, 10s are just something you do for a casual run. Has been difficult to get used to and then take 10s seriously. I know they are supposed to be on par difficulty wise and by most measures I think they are, but the style is very different and as a healer I like diversity in 10s, but I also miss niche roles of 25s.

Was sad when we dropped back to 10s on Dread, another long standing guild did same a week later, and that was it for Dreadmaul 25 horde, I think just the one left on Alliance. Just no decent raiders left to keep numbers and quality up. Its been a struggle esp since adept left the server (top 10 world guild that attracted quality players to Dread, we were a long 2nd to them for a while). For much of this expasnion we had to fill our 25 with weaker casuals or just go with as few as 22 peeps some weeks. Of course that only accelerates our top players getting bored with it. Players rarely leave us for other guilds, but we had a lot simply go casual or give up, the game and/or drift off to SWTOR (I woudl add, that grp seem to be returning).

I have also found 10s to be a little vulnerable to one or 2 key peeps missing relative to 25s. Typical raid this week -- got a trial into our wednesday run after someone away for a week, cleared to spine and first 3 attempts make it to last plate. Thu, someone caught at wor at last second and things don't go well.

It will take us a while to find our feet on FM. I'm expecting practically all our regular raiders to make the move over the next week but we still need a lot of recruits to make the jump to 25s. I don't want to have to trial a zillion new peeps in a single raid so probably will plan for the sunday run to be a bit casual and fill up with pugs, as well as runnign new peeps in the stronger wed grp where possible. Mainly there to get a look at new peeps. Hoping it will take just a few weeks here to be north of 20 solid raiders (expecting about a dozen odd currently active raiders to transfer) before we look at making the jump.

Particularly looking for people who have the patience to build a strong 25 man grp over time and want to be part of a lasting guild community. NIS are near 4 years old now, we have a long term view and the guild has never been dependant on a small group of people as many fly by night 10s are.

Yes, I also write too much. And I want the sort of people who can read, and want to know about the people and guild they are joining, so maybe its not too much!
Can we get some more informations??

Why don't you start at 8pm for those that live in WA :(
Bump for a fresh start :)

LF TANK for our wednesday 6/8HM run

With Diablo out and this expansion winding down we taking a relatively casual approach to raiding now till expansion.

With both regular tanks either wanting to cut back or struggling to regularly make raids, we particularly need at least one skilled tank >395 gear level for a regular spot on wed 7.30.

With other regulars also wanting or willing to cut back pre expansion, we plan on raiding more casually and giving all appropriatly geared/skilled recruits a run in the 6/8 clear.

We are also running a second 10 manon Sundays 7.30 filled with mains who missed the Wed run, alts, and pugs as needed, targeting 3+/8HMs.

Interested to hear from any raiders who want to join our guild long term or people who want a spot in the sunday run.
do you guys need frost DK?
5/8HM exp LF HM DS progression
IGN: Deathtears
Bump core 2- 3/8hm :D

Yo Mede try get in touch with axxagon, he was the main tank for zomgwtfbbq till they broke up, he is on frostmourne. He has a geared dps spec aswell. 6/8hm exp on him.

Good luck

Bendo :)
I like this thread.
Still recruiting a strong TANK (Warrior, Feral, Pally) for wed HM run.

Any tank capable of helping us knock over spine/madness would be welcome, including strong alts interested in joining the group till expansion.

Also working on a second 10M run sunday 7.30. Did 5 x HMs and a clear in that run last week (27/5).

Approaching strength to move to 25 man HM raiding (want at least one grp cleared and the other 6/8HM before we make the switch).

LF any strong raiders interested in 25 mans and short term can fit most strong raiders in one or the other 10 mans groups till we scale up to 25s.
Medevacc we need to talk!!
After another week where work and other committments prevented our top three dps from attending wednesdays run (last week it was a tank and healer! We have too many social and hard working people I think!) we are rather fed up with another 10 man 6/8HM and clear run.

Our ele shaman was happy, let him top deeps for a change! So was the warrior fill in, I think 5 pieces of 410 upgrading mainly 394 gear.

Decided we just don't have the strong reserves to get 8/8HM without the luck of all strong raiders on in one night, so have decided to put a date on switching to 25s.

If all goes well by then, aiming for 13th June. Already have >25 raiders but working ona balanced and more skilled line up. We also runa casual/alt raid and invite people who are nto quite ready for the stronger lineup.

At least half the raid will be 6/8HM+ experienced and geared though the group will start with a some low stress HMs to let us adapt to the format and assess new recruits, replacing as needed.

Anyone interested in 25s, please apply.
Bump core 2- 3/8hm :D

Yo Mede try get in touch with axxagon, he was the main tank for zomgwtfbbq till they broke up, he is on frostmourne. He has a geared dps spec aswell. 6/8hm exp on him.

Good luck

Bendo :)

Had already spoken with him a couple of weeks ago, had to reject his app at the time since we had the Uber Gadzookss DK tanking but turns out Gadzookss is harder working than me but now taking a break so 14 hour days don't kill him

Axxagon is in the run now, good tank.

PS, can fit in a pally tank and bring me some healers!

Being short a tank, went and carried/geared Ghaz last night. Something like 5 x new 410s in the run for him. I told the bugger no blue gems! Now he will think hes a real tank, but in fact, hes still a warrior.
Hooray 25s!
Mede!!!! <3

Diablo 3 terrible game. True story.
I played Diablo 3 once.
Still looking for a Few Good Trolls to fill up next Weds 25 start.

This week took a half a group of trials to on our Wed (10 man) and did 7/8HMs + last platform on Deathwing, just ran out of time to clear.

Expecting the 25 to start at 6/8HM and work on a clear.

Still able to consider any experienced 25 man progression raiders but in particular LF classes/roles as per top of post.

Thanna -- LF Disc Priest! Or shadow priest for that matter. Feel free to bring along the SWTOR crowd. Way too few of our old ICC crowd around nowadays.

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