I'm a discipline priest.
Bump, still looking for more.
I'm still a discipline priest.
06/11/2012 07:45 AMPosted by Concordia
I'm still a discipline priest.

Do you smitezz the bosses?

Thanks for the offer Mede. However I reinstalled wow to play with some old wrath friends. As for the swtor crew, I believe I was the last one playing and the others have already gone back to wow most of them playing FM alliance I believe.
I love to smite baby!!
Had two Trees in the 25 man this week, which let me go smiting..... cept for the most part I forgot to. It takes some serious effort to keep your eye on a new 25 man group!

I picked up blue on ultraxion, but the buggers killed it before I could get any smites in. I don't know why "stop all dps unless you can smite" is so hard to understand. Clearly the dps need training.

Our first 25 man went to plan.

Knocked over 6 HMs without much fuss while learning the 25 man format/strategies. Had a good look at spine, got most of the way through and same group will be capable of killing it with a bit more practice. We could have finished off with 8/8HMs in 10s, tempting, but will resist that and persist with strengthening the 25.

A few weaknesses in the group did show up, and I do have some spots available. Have updated the top post but to summarise can fit in at least one more melee (except rogues), a non shaman healer, a prot pally or feral tank with a strong dps offspec, and maybe a ranged or 2, warlock in particular.

We have 25 for next week at this stage, but the aim is to stabilise with 30 "core raiders" so I want to pick up a few new recruits before then who will be in next week with some from last week sitting out (and the extras going in a 10 man on sunday probably).

... Thanna, yes I know some are over on alliance. Would be nice to have some of the old crowd back but certainly don't expect it and it would be hard to fit them in! Perhaps should have transferred the guild there and joined back up but transfer cost for some was a issue and alliance already has enough 25 mans! You would not recognise many names here but the culture/maturity of the guild which I think lost its way for a bit there, is moving back to who we were in the early days. Am happy with our progress.
Not exceptionally geared but interested to join soon.
You raid so early, and I'm pretty.

Great bunch of lads to raid with.
Up we go.
Nom nom nom cakes
good group with good leadership. good to see horde having a quality 25man guild. keep it up!
If only they raided later I'd consider >.>
Go go go let's do this shizzle.
Still looking to fill some holes in our lineup, particularly Shadow Priest, Warlock, and a feral Druid.

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