gratz on 8/8hm
We are back to recruiting for MoP.

LF a shaman healer with Monk/priest heals also considered. Can also fit in another mage and maybe the off other RDPS or healer.

Started our MoP raiding as 10s last night (1st night of release) given the Q and some of our people still leveling and gearing (yes, we do allow for people with lives outside WoW).

Knocked over the first 2 bosses at a first look. Will be at it again tonight and run a second 10 man Sunday that we can probably fit a trial healer into if you are geared.

Expect to be back to 25s next week -- and I hope those 1st 2 bosses are not as hard as I think they will be when the room gets cramped with 25 raiders.
Still balancing up our 25 -- LF

Healer: either shaman, priest or monk.
Ranged or 2: moonkin, hunter or mage.
Back to recruiting given we have a few peeps struggling to make times.

LF 1 healer, a shaman, pally or monk


Various dps, a couple of melee, particularly a warrior or DK and probably one of any strong ranged.

Please check our forums.nowinstereo.com or talk to me of anyone you see online in game.
Bump for some old raiding friends!
Still looking fora couple more melee, and possibly a RDPS.

Our class makeup is reasonably balanced so can fit in most classes.
We have lost a trickle of people to casual status over the last few weeks as work and other issues are taking their toll.

Recruiting most dps as also need a tank, any class but a druid.

Also happy to invite in any casual/social players to scale up our community size.
Have picked up a few useful people over the last week (and finished clearing normal modes, having a full raid helps!), but we still have spots for select classes.

LF a couple of melee, a tank, healer and select ranged. Have updated top post.
Still recruiting most classes except tanks!
How ya going? Hows the move been off dread?

Add my battletag Triarchi#1812 Need to have a chat :)
Looking for RDPS for Heroic Progression
still looking for a few RDPS.
Looking for another few recruits, dps only, ranged (any non cloth preferred, though would consider a mage/lock), and potentially any melee class.
We have 2 heals going casual to replace over the next couple of weeks and have immediate spots there. We can fit in any class but priests. Geared to go right into heroics is best, but may consider lowered geared if very experienced.

Also have a couple of spots in dps. Would like a second rogue, a Ele Shaman (we have none in the regular lineup), and other classes that don't wear cloth or plate. Might make a exception for a lock, but no more mages or shadow priests please!
bump :O
We have picked up some trial DPS, though can still fit in a Mage and possibly 1-2 other ranged.

Also looking for 1-2 healers to replace players going casual. Possibly any class, depending on experience/gear though probably prefer classes other than priest/shaman.

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