Unable to establish connection to server

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This issue is still not resolved.
I get this error on both my IPhone 4s and IPad 2 with both apps on the most up to date versions.
Having the same problem Alkhara; even reloaded the app and went to 3G service. Thing the mobile network is down. :(
We are getting the same here. It was working fine a couple of hours ago for us.

I wouldn't have a problem paying for this feature, but it doesn't seem to work more often than it does work.

I'll be cancelling the remote sub if this doesn't become more stable.
same problem. unable to establish connection to server for last 35 minutes.
Having same issue. Cannot connect to server...
Delete and reinstalled app, same issue.

Tried from ipad3, same issue...

Since I'm paying for this service, wish I could use it...
Was working fine this afternoon ...
Yep, down here as well.
Same here...just signed up for the remote armory, logged out and tried to log back in and nothing for well over an hour now. running iOS on iphone 3g & wifi.
it will connect to Europe server selection, not Americas & Oceanic however

any help would be nice
i am having the same problem with using both 3g and wifi connection
I've also been having this issue all day. Last night it would log in, but I couldn't connect to guild chat. Today I can't even get logged in. iPhone 4 iOS 5.1 tried wifi and 3G.
Same here. I love you, Blizzard, and have since 2005 but this is driving me mad. May only be $2.99 a month but I still see it as a waste of money when it fails to work several times a week.
Oh and I'm on an iPhone 4, carrier is Rogers in BC Canada. Happening both on wi-fi and 3G.
Same issue blizzard been on/off and is starting to become extremely annoying fix this
Having the same issue here as well
I first tried to report this via twitter 3 hrs ago. Is your staff in the bathroom? Seriously I have done everythin I can on my end including:
Tried 2 connections including 3G
Reloaded app on phone
Restarted phone
My connections are good but I still get the cannot establish server connection message.
Please help his is very frustrating.
I too have been unable to connect all night from my Android phone. I've tried WiFi and 3G. I've also uninstalled, rebooted my phone and reinstalled. I attempted to contact Blizzard customer service via Twitter and have not heard anything. Pls fix this. Thanks!
With this being a multiple day, multiple platform, and multiple player issue, I can only hope that more is being done to resolve this than appears. Personally, I know that remote ah and guild chat is a huge undertaking but I cannot agree with all number of times this has been declared resolved, when it obviously has not.

It is not limited to one platform as both iPhone and android users are reporting the same problem. Also it cannot be limited to carriers as nearly every constructive reply/post mentions the fact that it is occurring both on wifi and 3g/4g connections.

Summarizing the majority of posts, players are being randomly disconnected from guild chat (not including the auto disconnect when the device screen turns off), receiving the error "unable to establish connection to server", the message instructing the users to ensure the port is not being blocked, as well as being able to connect to remote auction house but not to guild chat ( with no recent character or guild moves etc)

Adding my own notes separately, this is occurring for myself on both my android phone and android tablet. It seems to be worst from appx 1pm cst till 12am cst

These three are the most common complaints spanning at least the past 4 days. With no real update or estimated timeline for correction, we are all becoming very unhappy. As a paid service, after this many days of intermittent or complete failure, it only stands to reason that a credit at least equal to the cost of the number of affected days would be in order.

After nearly seven years of almost continuous subscription I do not expect this to happen as I have received credit for excessive down time once. Granted, there have been few serious issues of that nature in my years of being a subscriber, but enough to know that compensation/credit should not be expected.

All being said, I sincerely hope this issues is quickly resolved as I enjoy this service immensely.

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