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Major Bug issues with latest version....cannot connect to server 50% of time....dropping/missing items that I was selling on Auction House never recovered....lost items totaling 3,500 in gold last night....OUCH!

Been using Mobile Armory for going on 2 years with exact same devices, same home setting, same WiFi carrier, etc..... Never had problems at all before latest version....
Major Bug issues with latest version....cannot connect to server 50% of time....dropping/missing items that I was selling on Auction House never recovered....lost items totaling 3,500 in gold last night....OUCH!

Been using Mobile Armory for going on 2 years with exact same devices, same home setting, same WiFi carrier, etc..... Never had problems at all before latest version....

Can you describe the scenario where you lost 3,500 gold on the auction house. Our support team has access to the item logs and can trace these types of issues. You may also wish to check your inbox in-game. If it's full, it won't display sold auctions that suppressed by the most recent items. This is a WoW restriction.

As for the connect issues, these are server issues, not client, so it's not the version per se. We've done a lot of testing on this prior to release and post and this is what we've noticed:

  • 3G has frequent connection issues (also true for previous builds)
  • Certain carriers have more connection issues than others (no comment on the name of that carrier)
  • 4G very rarely has connection issues, unless related to the following WoW Server (not Mobile Server) issues: Character Paid Services, Guild Paid Services, specific ongoing realm issues potentially related to hardware -- but this has been true since the launch of the app
  • There is an issue with the iOS Retry button when certain server restarts occur, so logging out of the Mobile Armory and logging back in will potentially resolve these issues

The other big issue right now is that our servers are under A LOT of stress because of a game release with more concurrent users than any previously released title. It's not just Mobile Armory. The forums have been swamped over the past week. Web & Mobile are inextricably connected and if our web service has issues, we will typically have issues.

Now that things are calming down (and hardware is being upgraded) these issues will dwindle.
Hi - just wanted to add that I have been having issues logging into the armory off and on for about a month and it seemed to have improved last week. However, for the past few days, I continue to receive the "login failed, connection timed out" error. I have a paid subscription and am using an iPhone 4S with OS 5.1.1. This occurs on wi-fi and on 3G (or what AT&T calls '4G' now). I can get in about 2 out of 10 times, but it will kick me off and ask me to sign in again. I have removed multi-task apps in the bar, restarted the phone, restarted the mobile armory app and it is consistently the same.

This probably could the same issue being worked on since D3 release, but just wanted to throw out there that it is still happening and was looking for an update on the forums. Thank you.

EDIT: Now cannot log-in at all, no matter how many times I attempt it.
Login server (iPhone 4S) has been terrible for Gnomeregan today; up and down. Very annoying. When you do get on, whenever you do anything it forgets you're logged in and then you have to wait forever again.
Cant log on the mobile armory at all tonight.
Have not been able to login to the server for the past 2 hours. iphone 4, on wifi latests updates
Thought it was just me. Been busy with life today and have been trying to access my auctions. Probably lost about 1k - 2k in business today.
I have been having log in issues on my android phone both on WiFi and 3g. and on my iPod touch WiFi. I tend to have better luck earlier in the day (mountain time). Over the past week when I was able to get into the app I was unable to access the guild chat. This morning I received a push notice of an incoming whisper but when i went to reply I was unable to use chat. As the day progressed I am no longer able to log into the app at all even after power cycling the devices and trying all the different connections available to me. I was asked to write to you by your tech support. I hope this helps in some way.
Cannot log into the app, yet I am receiving whispers from people in the app.

have restarted phone and have close the app and re-started it.

Other applications work fine on the phone.

What's going on?
Still having all kind of troubles.

Anywhere from login failed, connection error on both wi-fi or 3G, the armory encountered an error handling this request, chat connection error timed out if I got to login.

One of my character still showing up on guild roster in game showing I am in remote chat when I am not.

iPhone 4 latest OS.
Having same problems today but worse. Can't log on to mobile at all. Variety of errors and failures.
Seriously, you make d3 so you have to be online with Blizzard's servers and it never occurs to anyone it might increase the load on the servers? This is very frustrating.
My remote service is inaccessible too. When it's working, the auction house is incredible. But it has been down a few days now. I will not be renewing this subscription if it is unreliable.
Haven't been able to log in with mobile armory the past 2 days on my Iphone 3G.

wait spoke too soon, just tired it now and it let me in.
Similar issues. Android device (galaxy s 2), I can log in to the mobile armory, but guild chat will not log in. I still receive whispers though, I just can't log into chat to reply. Been happening for several days.
quick update. It is 10 am monday morning and everything is working fine. wifi, 3g, android and ipod, all logging in and guild chat working fine.
We experienced some serious problems over the weekend that should be resolved. We're also upgrading hardware and software to keep up with the amount of traffic we're seeing since D3 launch. Contrary to popular belief, compared with most of our launches, this has been one of the smoother ones.

When we first launched WoW in 2004 I don't believe we had connection problems under control for about 6 months, give or take a month.

I don't work on the weekends, but I do use the Mobile Armory frequently. It's not completely stable, but it's working more often than it doesn't work -- by a long shot. Some people are severely impacted and we're investigating why that is. The problems we're encountering now were issues we've never had to worry about, so give us some time and we'll be running smoother than ever before.
I get this problem after every patch -- usually it lasts for a few days and gets resolved but this time I've been having non-stop issues. The problem persists on both my Rogers (Canada) 3G connection and my home WiFi, as well as in places like Starbucks WifFi, McDonalds, friend's home networks... etc.

If I manage to get connected I will get disconnected in minutes and it takes several minutes of trying to re-log on, and then, I still may not be able to connect with the Chat server.

I figured it was the client but after a iPhone 4 restart, a delete and reinstall of the app and an entire iPhone restore I could no longer blame my phone or my carrier. I thought maybe there might be info on these forums.... and lo and behold it seems I am not alone.

So for the Tech support trouble shooting:
iPhone 4
iOS 5.1.1
Cell Carrier: Rogers Canada
WiFi @ home Bell via Fibe DSL (Wireless N)

I have also noticed that when I "log out" of the app my guild can still see me logged in on "remote". They have started referring to the "remote me" as my "ghost" haunting Guild Chat.

Also When I log in to the game on an "alt" I can see myself and if by chance the Remote app managed to connect I can actually "chat" with myself. It feels a bit schizophrenic but it can also be entertaining - especially when there are new guild members around.

One final thing... even if I cannot connect with the server on Remote and my "ghost" is still showing in Guild Chat as being on-line via Remote, if somebody in the guild "whispers" to me I will get the pushed message to my phone (which I think is kinda cool actually) - but it shows that even if my client cannot connect to the Blizz servers, the Blizz servers can still connect to me.

Anyway, I love the idea of the app but it has been very frustrating lately, and I really would like to continue using it. On the off chance do you think Blizzard, as a show of good faith to continued long time faithful subscribers of WoW, the remote app, and potential purchasers of the "new MoP expansion" (not to mention players of the newest game release D3 - what a nightmare that has been for them I'm sure) would be willing to issue a credit back in the form of a free month or two ($3.00 to $6.00 worth of WoW remote subscription cost) for paying through the "down time" we have been having? <Holy run-on sentence Batman>

Thanks for reading :)

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