Annoying abilities!

05/15/2012 11:11 PMPosted by Uglynaga
Ritual of Refreshment

Its actually SOOO OP that Blizz decided to put a fairly long cd on it

Sucks when people fail the click and no one has biscuits :(
Word of Glory... <.< kidding. I'd have to say fear I have lost count of how many times I have been feared in dalaran sewers and I fall through the map which causes us to lose :S
Cheat death
Terror effects, simply because they cannot be broken by will of the forsaken.
Also, while fear and terror may have diminishing returns, their length still far exceeds that of any stun a rogue has.

You should go combat and try a Revealing strike + 5 point kidney = 9 sec stun, longest cc in the game :D

Mine is Divine Shield, hands down!

And I was going to say Mass dispel and Shattering throw were op :)

I see what ya did there! However you don't always have a Warrior or Priest at your disposal, at least I don't :P

Ok that didn't come out right seeing as I am posting on my Warrior :P. I don't do Arena on this toon ever really, which is why I said that, lol.
pretty much all rogue abilities, recoup being amongst the worst
05/16/2012 02:46 AMPosted by Illwai
Ritual of Refreshment

Its actually SOOO OP that Blizz decided to put a fairly long cd on it

Sucks when people fail the click and no one has biscuits :(

It deserves that 5 min cd. Such an OP spell. You're lucky blizz loves mages or that spell would have been taken out years ago.
Arcane Shot.
curse of exhaustion how dare you ruin my cardio
I think a lot of people don't take this seriously. I see your point and I believe that more abilities need to be over looked for pvp battles like arena. moves like divine shield are counter able but if your comp doesn't have better cd's or cc, then your chances of success are slim with just trying to out damage to win, this is mostly why warriors suck in arena.

anyway here are a few moves that have managed to tick me off..
(rogues) Cheat death = absorbed 38000 execute and turned it into 4k
(paladins) Divine Shield, and WoG with ret paladins.
(Mage) Snares, dragons breath, and combust is currently broken with dr and damage.

(please dont take this as me taking stuff out on those classes. its more to do with what those cool downs can currently do).
The top annoying ability to me is SAP

Too many time i've been sapped just to carry the dang flag. They keep sapping me till their entire team arrives :(
Be a r1 glad and trinket sap
edit: you don't even have a trinket e_e

Lol trinket sap, you made my day :D

I do have one in my bag when I switch from unholy to blood.
I don't think it's OP but I find the blanket silence after CS or Spell Lock annoying
Beucase when I'm trying to heal my hunter or somthing. And CS is back off CD. I finnaly fake Counterspell but then I still have a few seconds of blanket silence and then he still dies ;(. Kind of annoying.

OP wise = fear, I don't see what's so special about it making you run around. other than I guess the fear bombs. but the warlock fear is annoying. But i am a shaman so i don't get feared. Tremor Wind Shear Grounding repeat
Feign Death. Those pesky hunters always making me think that I magically took them from 60% HP in one shot. I feel all big and bad struttin away, but then they pop up and I'm like WTF?!? you were just dead.
Bias answer: Any type of dot from a spec designed around it. Can't stand how much damage they do while ticking behind LoS etc as well as being so retardedly mana efficient that most dot specs rarely ever have to even be wary of their mana bar.

Unbiased answer: Cunning Procs. Breaks the game for a lot of classes and RBGs. Massive passive damage increase, can proc from an infinite range, stops healers from drinking, kill newly summoned pets instantly, knocks stealthies out of stealth, etc.

I also think rogue cheat death is a close 2nd. They used to absolutely need it, but with the incredible survivability they have now, a passive "you won't die" ability is absurd IMO. Either remove it completely or give it the ardent defender treatment, requiring you to actually manually control it and possibly time it wrong or waste it if you're a derp.

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