<Checkmate> LvL 25 6/8HM LF 85s!

That's right, are you 85 and have a decent understanding of your character? Just finish leveling your newest alt? Wanna join a level 25 guild?

Well then <Checkmate> is for you

We need 85's for know their classes to fill our second 2 DS10 runs and 1-2 above average players for the main run (holy pally holy pally holy pally!)

If you think you'd be interested in doing a weekly DS with a set group of decent player, like to do arenas weekly, or just want to hang out and play the game with some non douce people hit us up today

pst to myself / Deafknîght (watch the funny i) / Coleslaw / or Qqcumber
bump for a great Holy Pally
What are your raid times?
Main raid is Tue 6:30 server

A second run is Sun 6:30 server

A third is usually somewhere inbetween the two, whatever day is best for people.

Fun times with heroic ship start tuesday!
Bump for awesome ranged (ele shaman/Warlock )
Still looking for DPS and active 85s
6/8 Hm 403 hpally....Id be interested in either group
Still looking for a mage and a solid melee
Howdy, just transferred over to this server and looking for a raiding guild. I don't stand in fire and I like to kill large monsters made of pixels.

I also have an 85 shammy that I moonlight as resto. He's kind of a skank.
Bump for 6/8H. Still looking for a good mage or warlock
Bump for any 85s going in to MoP who want to raid and for a current geared min 6/8hm ranged (Spriest, Moonkin, Mage, or lock) for main run on Tuesdays 6:30 server.

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