[A] <Violent> 10m raiding recruiting for core

Violent is a newly formed alliance 10 man raiding guild. We will begin raiding as soon as we fill our core roster. We will consider all applicants regardless of current raid experience but are looking for players with a minimum gear level of 372. Once we fill our roster we are looking to hold raids Tue-Thur 7pm-10pm server time (10pm-1am EST).

Currently we have spots available for:

1 Tank (non-warrior)
2 Healers (anything but a druid)
DPS of any class

We are looking for quality players who may just not have had time to raid recent content and are looking to get back into serious raiding. We want long term players to help us push progression for MoP raiding as well. The ideal applicant will be able to make all raids with few exceptions as we do not want to over recruit and would like each team member to have a spot in every raid. Of course we know that life happens and there will be times you must miss but we would expect this to be kept to a minimum.

Please reply to this post or contact either myself or Sasuchiha in game to discuss any other details.

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