WTB [Stay Classy] Metas - 10,000g each.

This is now closed, thank you to those who helped out. :)


Looking for people willing to join my guild (level 25) with an 85 (or a lower level alt which you will level to 85) and reach honored rep (somehow other than with existing guild members help) with the guild for the Stay Classy guild achievement.

Notes: I expect people working on this to complete it on their own, within 3 weekly resets (or something close, just not 5 months). This can be fairly easily achieved by doing dailies, leveling by quests, pvp, whatever..

The shortest amount of time to complete this would be achieved by joining on a Monday, capping rep, capping rep some time between Tuesday and Monday, then getting the remaining rep the following Tuesday to reach honored in 9 days.

I'm paying 10,000g per class/race combo that I need. Payment will be upon reaching honored. 0g left to get.

Note: You will be placed in a guild rank with no bank permissions (tabs, gold and repairs), please do not waste my time if you are a thief.

These are the class/race combos I need:
(If you are interested in more than one, that's fine, I will pay 10,000g per race/class combo)

Gnome Mage - CLAIMED

Human Hunter - COMPLETED
Draenei Priest - COMPLETED
Night Elf Druid - COMPLETED
Night Elf Priest - COMPLETED
Worgen Warrior - COMPLETED
Dwarf Paladin - COMPLETED
Worgen Hunter - COMPLETED
Night Elf Warrior - COMPLETED
Gnome Priest - COMPLETED
Dwarf Hunter - COMPLETED
Night Elf Mage - COMPLETED
Worgen Rogue - COMPLETED
Night Elf Rogue - COMPLETED
Dwarf Rogue - COMPLETED
Dwarf Mage - COMPLETED
Dwarf Warlock - COMPLETED
Dwarf Priest - COMPLETED
Dwarf Warrior - COMPLETED
Worgen Mage - COMPLETED
Worgen Priest - COMPLETED

you need so many dwarves wtf
I know. We are such racists here, no dwarves, night elves or worgen! :(

*eyes Draenei harem*
Updated this from 5000g to 10000g.
I will do the Night Elf Priest and Worgen DK for you.
I can be honored in 2 weeks flat with no hang ups :)

I have both at honored already.
I request 15k for each if you can do that,
Trying to buy myself a Vial of Sands ;D

My friend said he would do either Nelf Druid or Rogue
I will ask him which one when I talk to him again tonight.
He might be willing to do both for 15k as I am :)
I can do worgen hunter, human pally, human dk, human war, worg druid
05/20/2012 02:51 PMPosted by Brock
I can do worgen hunter, human pally, human dk, human war, worg druid

Anything not listed is already completed. Worgen hunter is open.
I have a dwarf pally. Let me know if you are in need still.
Anyone interested in making a 5 man team of needed toons to level up?
That could be fun.
Got a few done, still looking for the rest. Many, many dwarves. Calling all dwarves.
This is still open, post updated.
This is now closed. Thank you to those who participated. :)

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