Who is the "best" wow player?

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I suppose it depends if you mean 'best' by skills, or 'best' by most successful.

I think Reckful has been the most successful at this game, but best by skills I would have to say Gameking. That guy's ability to plan and react in pvp is unequaled. I have no idea what his rankings in Arena have been, or if he even bothers to try it, but get that guy in a BG, and you just sit back and watch pure pvp art.
05/14/2012 12:30 AMPosted by Exizt
I would have to say Gameking.

is he related to Gamegenie?
Anyone who has been able to get rank 1 with a class that was extremely weak at the time. My favorite was Cherez/Cherokee
The rogue with the legendaries and vial obviously. . .
Khuna, Neilyo, Kollektiv, Reckful, Venruki, Hydra, Talbadar. It's hard to choose they're all pretty insane.
Posted by BorrawinIm not trying to get a opinion thing going herewho do you guys think is the absolute best player in wow, like they do everything they can and it just astounds you.
Ok ill edit my first post.
05/14/2012 01:23 AMPosted by Disenchanted

Clearly... Oh wait wrong game :P

Although the correct answer is majinbuu,snozyqt,swifty,athene, and every rogue with orange daggers.
Pretty hard question to answer. It is almost as crazy as people who talk about why Batman could beat Superman in a fight.

For example, back in the day Mike Tyson was known as the baddest man on the planet, but wait all along there was Evander Holyfield and when Tyson finally fought him he lost, so I guess Evander Holyfield is the best, but wait all along there was Lennox Lewis and when Evander finally agreed to fight him he lost.

Point is it is an impossible question to answer.
05/14/2012 09:42 AMPosted by Wrug
The r1 arcane mage on KT is.

Lord Abni spamming arcane blast like a boss. Too bad he couldn't make it into the NAO, I was hoping to see him blow some nerds' heads off.
Me. I am the best wow player. Look at how many achievement points I have.
MC is the best gamer.
Most recent glads (post-mmr deflation) are essentially the same skill level, imo, the main thing that seperates the low-rated glads from the high-rated is the amount of PVE gear.

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