Who is the "best" wow player?

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Reckful hands down there is like no other opinion. This guy doesnt even use his finishers to do dmg just to control the fight more.
gold jacket, green jacket......
Khuna > reckful.

Neil and Woundman are also very good rogues, I like Hydra a lot.

There's a lot of very good players that just don't have the drive, realm, or dedication to push for r1.
well, here's how my list breaks down----
Adouken -----he is the yaphets of wow

also, vurtne wasnt mentioned so im ashamed of you all
05/14/2012 06:43 PMPosted by Amathyqt
Batman vs Superman isn't even close, Batman wins always everything forever.

Nuh uh.
Superman wins by a large margin.
Batman doesn't have superpowers, without that suit he's completely useless.

Batman always gets prep time.
Personally I would Original as he won the NAO (Vanguards just won the 3rd one because of it being on TR with the retarded changes they don't need on TR no real skill) Also Original wasn't in the 3rd one ;p
Is everyone forgetting Xis? http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/maelstrom/Xis/

Used to be a legend.
Reckful. Hands down.
Hydra is also amazing.
Neilyo is overrated, Original is better now than Neilyo ever was.
1. Abni
2. Abni's wand
3. Reckful
4. Jungyup
5. Talbadar
6-21: N/A
22. Everyone else
23. Win Traders
24. Swifty
swifty since he's the one who's made the most money out of the game
master dahis
For players that are currently playing and I consider that they are highly skilled and incredible game play?

Hydra and Braindeadly4

Sadly Reckful quit but he was the best rogue7player. Hands down to him.

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