Who is the "best" wow player?

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Of all time?

THe PHD comp that won the blizzcon tourny
Mad Merlin was tops in wintergrasp
China's Finest.


None can compare. (Sorry Vurtne fanboys)
05/14/2012 06:20 PMPosted by Powerjuice
Most recent glads (post-mmr deflation) are essentially the same skill level, imo, the main thing that seperates the low-rated glads from the high-rated is the amount of PVE gear.
If this is what you believe then you're a !@#$ing idiot.
China's Finest.


None can compare. (Sorry Vurtne fanboys)
For that time of Vanilla Vurtne was the shyt. In today's standards its probably 1500 play. Whether he could get high ratings today is anyone's guess. But those videos were definitely something for those times.
Not Xis, that's all I know
Any hunter that uses a sporebat.
Bahjeera. He wrecks shop with the absolute worst class in the game for PvP.
Are people really doubting Hydra as the best player? He's the only player that comes to mind that has gotten r1 every single season besides season 9 due to an MMR bugging DK passing him up on the last night. Which surprise surprise, Blizzard did nothing about.
i would say original is the best player because he beat reckful and his mage partner 2 on 1
reckful has the most accolades of any wow player... tourny's, mlg, blizzcon, 9x r1

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