How to fix Error 121!(The Real Way!)

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I once had this error. For all you users out there that are tired of seeing error 121 this is what you do.
1.Reinstall Wow
2.Click the Start button at the lower left corner of the screen
3.Click all programs
4.Find the World of Warcraft folder and open it
5.Click on World of Warcraft
6.Play the Game
This is what I did to fix it.No firewall, No safe mode.Reply your Findings.NOTE: This event usually happens when user runs the game from the file Wow.exe.
An Error #121 means your game or part of your game isn't up to date. This is why we use the launcher to play the game. Going to the Start menu as you suggested opens up the launcher :)
I Just reinstalled Wow over night last night and i open it up.. Guess what Buddy:).. it still says Error 121. >.> your "Real way" doesnt do !@#$.
Decisionn, persistent Error 121's can often indicate a deeper issue. I'd would go through these steps, and work from there:

1) Verify that the motherboard / chipset drivers are up to date.
2) Check the RAM's integrity, either with the Windows Memory Diagnostics or another RAM test.
3) Verify the compatibility between the motherboard and RAM.
Technical Support
'Constant change is here to stay.'
I reinstalled wow and all and it is not working its saying it requiers row 32 but its only getting 24 help me please.
Were you able to follow any of my previous suggestions, Fantasticz?
Technical Support
'Constant change is here to stay.'
to my friend happened that too xD i told him to erase the WTF carpet and Cache Carpet and its Works!!
you can try if you want :D
I'm doing what OP said and for some reason, I can't open the blizzard launcher. When I open it I see the loading bar and it completes, yet I don't see anything open. Help would be pretty cool.
i just re-newed my game subscription after being absent from the game for 6 months, when i went to open the game it is now installing the 35gb file, even thought it was already installed and is currently installed on my computer, when i try to open that file i get error 121, then went into the launcher where its downloading to "locate games we may have missed" and it loads it then the same message pops up. any help would be great

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