Whats a good rogue xmog?

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I like mine, im missing the belt tho. im currently farming the maroon version of this and the purple shadowcraft set.

Just a little story i think is cool about my transmog dagger choice. They come from heroic escape from durnehold the thrall escort annoying one. so im on my third day tryin to get them to drop and right when we are about to get to the last boss, it bugs out and thrall vanishes. i go back and try to start over but he is just gone. so i had to leave. i wrote a ticket telling the GM what happened, and just for kicks decided to ask for the dagger since it was cosmetic only and had no bearing on gameplay. so here is what he wrote me back.

" I found Thrall for you, he was outside of Durnholde burying a timeslicer for you. He said he is sorry and to check your mailbox." and it was in my mail :)
Im currently working on my "red" set.

Not happy with the chest or shoulders...red armor is somewhat difficult to obtain.
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Maybe not the best, but I like mine.
Clearly you should strive to look like me.

Including the race change to goblin; why settle for being a lesser creature if you can help it?
Qtiest rogue reporting for duty.
05/22/2012 01:10 AMPosted by Suekey
Qtiest rogue reporting for duty.

Hah! I was thinking about using that green set (and those shoulders)

but i decided to go red instead :3
05/22/2012 09:26 AMPosted by Ippy
Qtiest rogue reporting for duty.

Hah! I was thinking about using that green set (and those shoulders)

but i decided to go red instead :3

Mm yeah it's a good set xD

Made a new one based off the blue chest
Vanessa anyone?
i'm happy with my bloodfang for now. I have the full blue set that looks like BF from 70 dungeons, full t4, t5, t6, t7, and working on t10 herioc atm. also have 2 bags of weapons saved in my bank for mists haha
Mines a custom set of pieces. I think I look pretty badas$.

Red and Black themed.
My transmog is the best. Check out my chest.

I switch mogs too much though. Void storage is full and like 6 20 slot bags in my bank for different combinations :(
i was going for noob looking and ended up looking like pocahontas lol
I like my xmog, its bloodfang recolour with black and purple. but im trying to find a good looking goblin xmog...hoods make thier head look big.
05/13/2012 09:30 AMPosted by Shadocrow
I think I'll transmog my helm to the one I'm wearing now when I hit 85.

your helm, shoulder and breastplate looks pretty cool buddy =)
For a Nightelf I recommend a pink TuTu for your silly triple sow cow flips!
check out mine. still missing the heroes bonescythe helm. dont know how it would look on other races

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