[bug] Loss of Cold Weather Flying upon SoR

Bug Report
Back story:

I'm a returning WoW Player that played since the end of BC (officially). I focused solely on my druid as my first character starting out. During the Lich King expansion I got cold weather flying immediately once I hit Northrend. Did some end game raiding of the expansion up until the second week of Ice crown progression. A week before this I did a faction and server change. I took a break from WoW from then till now. I Just recently accepted a Request for Scroll of Resurrection. I was shocked to find out that I couldn't fly off Dalaran like I normally could; Looked at my spell book and my cold weather flying skill says to see the trainer and is faded out.


After accepting Scroll of Resurrection/updating my account to cataclysm my main character lost the 400g talent known as Cold Weather Flying.

Side note:

Game Masters are answering my ticket as if it's a Buy-back item problem, when its got nothing to with buying at all, I had cold weather flying for at least 2-3 solid months, it's quite obviously not an "item buy back issue". "It's a talent lost on acceptance of Scroll of resurrection issue."

"We've implemented several features to help players correct mistakes in purchasing and vendoring of items, such as:
-If you've accidentally sold an item, you can use the vendor "Buyback" window to locate recently sold items
-If you've accidentally purchased an item for a currency such as Honor points, you are given a 2 hour gametime window to sell the item back to the vendor, for the full purchase price"
-GM Whismo

-I'm quite sure you can't sell/unlearn cold weather flying....

How to recreate:

I do not know. All I've done with my account since leaving during Lich King Progression was accept a scroll of resurrection and transfer my druid from Kel'Thuzad to Farstriders.

I couldn't find any similar complaints which leads me to believe this is an isolated incident.

If more information is needed on this topic I'd be willing to respond on this post.

Any clarification to why this may have happened would be very helpful, ie: some sort of issue cataclysm may have caused for druids upon updating.
-issue solved.
Remove post please.

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