Is it just my luck or does horde lose, roughly 70% of it's BG's?
It's just you.
Just your luck when I'm on my Hyjal toons ( I admit not often enough ) I do not see a big loss curve for us. Even on this I see Hyjal players quite often and we don't lose I would say it's the draw on your RnG for groups.
I always lose on hordeside here it seems. maybe just really unlucky
I win 70-80% of my BGs overall. I sometimes go days where for whatever reason I rarely win, but that doesn't happen too often. I have noticed, however, that when I queue specifically for weekend BGs there seems to be a much higher chance of fighting decent Alliance premades than seeing good Horde premades. In those cases, win % can drop quite a bit, but I'd say even during the worst weekend I still go about 50-50.

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