Ret problems

Hey guys first off i know my gear is not optimal for pvping i just recently started so I'm building my set slowly.

I have been doing random battlegrounds and every once and a while 1v1 different classes; I'm always able to hold my own even though i may lose I'm not totally embarrassed except by Ret paladins. If anyone could give me a few tips or tricks that i could use to bring them to their knees i would be quite grateful.

Thanks in advance Garke
Upgrading your gear to season 11 gear would probably help
Disarm them when they use their cooldowns
Use evasion

Also, your gear is REALLY lacking. Rets are walking powerhouses and do a ton of damage for no reason. You need resil to stand a chance.
so once they target you here's your rotation.
i'll simplify it into one easy to press macro:

/cast Blind
/cast Vanish
/cast Cloak of Shadows

should work well. but seriously until you get better gear, rets just hit way too hard.

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