05/13/2012 05:44 PMPosted by Bobcat
Now on an off beat side, when ya’ll use the abbreviation ED for Emerald Dream...I have images of Smiling Bob in the Enzyte commercials.

Yep... that's where my mind was wandering off to as well, Bob -- "ERP Dysfunction"

I will admit that I miss seeing those commercials on the tube. Though as entertaining as I saw them, I can't believe that people fell for that crap. Much like the commercials where you had to rub on the product and you saw instant results.

Umm hey guys...thats called a natural reaction.
05/14/2012 09:12 AMPosted by Niightsky
That looked amazing! Nice soundtrack also

100vs100 is impressive....in theory.

In reality the lag is often so horrible that it's hard to have any fun, why i like RHs 40vs40 fights is its very back and forth, you can't be absolutely sure which side is going to win based on sheer numbers. Sure reinforcements will show, but they won't just trample you.
Oh and Cayreth, some of what has spurred the renewed interest/rivalry/whatevah between RH and ED ::compulsive snicker:: is that they have announced there will be cross-server shared world zones between groups of servers in a server type (i.e., RP-PVP). So right now they are proposing that we'll be grouped with ED ::snickers again:: when Mists is launched.

Aye, I saw the post about zone sharing.

I think I'm just out-of-the-loop on the cross-server communication that's going on in the background.

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