Weekly Heroic ICC 25 - Roll bonus, etc..

Shattered Hand
Hey all, starting this week I will be starting a recurring ICC 25 Heroic run that will happen every Wednesday at 19:30 server time (18:30 CST).

Invincible will be Free rolls.

All loot is free rolls, highest roll wins.

I will be, starting with this weeks raid, making a google document trackin attendance, for every week you come you will get a bonus roll of +5, which will be added to your roll for all loot that you roll on INCLUDING the mount if it drops.

Shadowfrost Shards ARE on reserve and will be purchasable from me when I finish my collection of them.

Please use OpenRaid.us for a sign up, the sign up page is:

I will post the spreadsheet after I make it this Wednesday. CURRENTLY NO ONE HAS BONUS ROLLS. Meaning this first week is up to luck!

See you all hopefully then! Message me or post here for more questions, also read the openraid page for more Info!
Why do you have to be Horde :(

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