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Hello everyone,
I have been absent from wow for about 6 months now and just started playing again. Over the weekend I was running a lot of 2v2 to refresh my skills, I have been 2200+ twice in 4 yrs playing. So I'm talking to a bunch of guys and everyone is telling me that it is nearly impossible to get to 2200+ anymore, 2k they say is easy but 2.2k is nearly impossible, because all the 2.6k teams that are just playing for carrys or helping thier friend get ratings and such. Since my friends no longer play wow I'll be starting with new ppl I guess. Are these stories correct? Should I wait till next season to start arena again? Or are ppl just busting my balls and maybe the ppl I was talking to are no good?
FYI I'm in Mal'ganis and horde.
Thanks in advance..
In short:

You can get 2200 this season, but it's much harder than previous seasons

In long:

Ladders are still active around the 2200 and below brackets, but yes it a lot harder. It's isn't just that 2600 players are carrying their friends though, it's also that rating's have deflated this season. All those top players who used to be competing over 2800 are now fighting over 2400, all the players who'd be fighting over 2400 are now fighting over 2k+ etc etc. Simply put, the ladders got squished together, is all.
So basically I'll have to find 2400 players to play with to get 2200 again, I'm sure that will be easy this late in this season. Might be just bass out there or last seasons carries. Well that really sucks. Thanks for the info though.
wtf is up with the !@#$ty attitude

%^-* yeah it's harder to get 2200 does it !@#$ing matter no just %^-*ing win and don't focus on anything else. IDC if the person 2900 multiglad just win and get better to be able to win.
LOL Thanks for the pep talk coach!
Give'em the business.
Nah you can get there. Run PHD or Scumcleave and you can counter/outplay many of the comps you play. If you are out of date with some of the current strats this might help:

Braindeadly 4:

It isn't as tuff as everyone makes it out to be.
Hey Xilio,
Thanks for the link I will check it out. I got 2200 in Beastcleave and PHD. I'm unfamiliar with scum leave though, lol.
Thanks again
Yeah NP man.
Rsham/x/x = 2.2k + Essentially mate. Try a Jungle cleave even, they are fairly strong with a priest also :D!
Hey I'm also in Mal'Ganis and stumbled upon this thread, been looking for a hunter to run junglecleave for a long time, hit me up if you're interested
It's not that bad but just like Starcraft in the sense of, the bar is continuously raised concerning requirements for the player's ability. Season one of Starcraft average amps got you into diamond league now avg apms+positioning+macro+micro+communication= diamond. Kind of similar in that respect. Just find quality teammates that communicate, know their class, and call cc and you should be fine. On a side note this kind of reinforces what the others were saying at 2200 something mmr my team faced other teams with; glad titles, arena master, 2700 guild notes, multi glads streaming, and not a single person had an under 2400 guild note. To sum that point up you wont face many "saviors of Azeroth" lol, so know your stuf and be ready to go hard every match.
Hey Op we are in the same guild lol.. anyways, its not impossible to get to 2.2k but it might be tough due to how many people are team hopping on and off your team, making you have to find new members and get used to their playstyle and all, just to have them leave and you start all over, but if you are looking for someone to run, my hpal friend and i are looking for a solid member. our Spriest is good, but the comp we are running just isnt very strong
Thanks guys for all the info. I think my hardest problem is finding good players and finding more time to play than I do now.
Thanks again.
Thanks guys for all the info. I think my hardest problem is finding good players and finding more time to play than I do now.
Thanks again.

since you have already hit 2.2k it should be easy for you to find people on mal ganis since there are plenty of skilled players there, and if you can help it, the best times to try to get people is probably around 8-9 server cause thats when its really full of skilled people
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. I got 2200 in Beastcleave and PHD.

^looks like you wont be braking 2k anytime soon. u actually have to cc once in a while in arenas now bud
Wow really little kid. Go away troll boy...
lmfao! you always had to CC in arena stop being bad noob (ringz)
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lmfao! you always had to CC in arena stop being bad noob (ringz)


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