Group Quests - Time to bring them back

Remember those quests (most of them ''WANTED'') That gave an extra EXP compared to the others of the same level?

They were awesome, and was one of the few things that made people actually talk to other random people while leveling, since most of the content is very easy to solo.

With the new feature allowing the low-level zones to have more players, find people to run those quests wont be a problem, and will only enhance the feeling of adventure and interacting with other people.

Look at this thread as a place to discuss the group quests, and if they have a chance to come back and be awesome again.
05/18/2012 12:43 AMPosted by Aenathas

A couple of my alt's did outland and a lot of elite questing monsters turned regular :/ that took out my joy of solo'ing them

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