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What would you people say is the most fun WoW class to level? I don't really care whether the class is pvp or pve geared, and I'd be grateful if you'd also say what talent tree of that class you find entertaining, and whatever race's leveling experience you find the best for that class. Thanks!
This is about personal preference.
I personally found my mage to be the most fun to level.
Undead prot warrior.
05/12/2012 03:58 PMPosted by Karat
Undead prot warrior.

resto druid, jumping around and healing ftw
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Hello Ryan.

05/12/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Eeowynne

And I found my priest to be the most boring to level.
Mage, good lore (especially from 70-80), no travel time, free food/water, and insane dps.
Now that I think about it.
It was either my Mage or Shaman that I enjoyed to level the most.
Find a thread to derail with me PLEASE>
I'm dying of boredom

I don't derail threads anymore.

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Undead prot warrior.


I'm jealous of your two-hander.
holy priest
no dungeons
no battlegrounds
no AH gear
no deaths
no groups

do it. I dare you. I double dare you, m/f'er
Questing with no deaths as a holy priest? Easy. It might take you forever, but the not dying would be easy.
I had the most fun questing with my hunter.

"What new pets can I get from this area? *Squee!*"

dk and rogue just feel routine and boring, use same moves over and over with no fear of death.
I had a lot of fun on several characters, it's really hard to choose.

MM Hunter is awesome because you quite literally 1 shot mobs up to about 80 with Aimed Shot.

Prot Pally was fun because you can't die, ever. It can take a while to kill things though.

My warrior was a lot of fun. I leveled as both Arms and Fury. I switched between them whenever just to change things up.

Feral druid was pretty fun as well, though I felt like I got weaker the further I went. Level 1-50 you dominate mobs. By OL I was middle to low in dps compared to others. In NR I was pretty much useless and by cata I gave up and leveled as a boomkin. >.> Though boomkin was pretty fun too.

Priest was without question the worst to level to 85. Questing is awful, it almost feels like you have to heal dungeons to get anywhere. :P
Hmm, well I do have 3 85s; rogue, paladin, druid and I have to say druid has been my favorite class :3 I love there healing, i adore the animations, feral was one of the funnest things i have done, and moonkin..well i like it xD
Mage was a lot of fun to level.

But this was also my first character, so take that as you will.

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