Lfm 2K+ RBG group; AT

Hello Amanthulians.

Tired of having to play with *** people?
Oh well; I'm starting one. And everyone is Welcome.

What you need to have:

As flag carrier; Brain and common sense; DK / Warrior.
AddOn's; Battlegroundtargets.
Communication system; Skype Or teamspeak. Mic is NEEDED <Understandable>
Everyone should be able to call target if asked. no exceptions, even healers.
Ex NedKelly? Not accepted.

Time or days is not set yet. As of right now it looks like weekdays will be best time for us.
If you have any questions, feel free to add me wwwwlool-1-1@hotmail.com.
Cross-realm available.
Edit: this is choice, for some reason it's only posting on my lock.

Too bad I wouldn't be paid, or else I'd love to come.

In all seriousness though, I have a warlock who I'm interested in PvPing with more often. A bit confused as to what your actual intention is with this. The title references a 2k rating, be it mmr or cr. Yet the text refers to a low low and your toon's cr would suggest that's accurate.

Assuming it is a low cr group with high dreams, my lock is still getting it's pvp up to this season but it has the cunning and rathrak you specify, can be found here.
05/14/2012 12:00 AMPosted by Fear
Too bad I wouldn't be paid, or else I'd love to come.

Care to explain this? :)
<ss served it's purpose>

fairly obvious sarcasm.
Oh thought that was you.
And, try to hide that name. :)
Yeah I mentioned in an edit that it was me, for some reason it swapped to my lock and wouldn't revert, even though in the edit pallet it was down as my paladin.
Seems i cant actually find my druids profile to post on it, nonetheless wouldnt mind coming on my resto druid if ya interested, maybe even my main mage once the teams CR is higher. Druids name is Yamidestroy
Ohh pick me pick me!!! Full cata 4.4k resil afflock with heroic cunning and Rath'rak!
Dreamhack we g0!
Lick we do.
ill flag carry ; p
Haha, this is quite cute
Thanks, having fun?
sequence ur my hero

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