you wake up tomarrow in your bed...

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Take plane to NYC.
Climb Empire State Building.
Jump off of said Empire State Building

If that ever happened to me. I'm gonna be SOOOO naughty. *grins*
/go back to sleep
I don't really know.

About the only thing I could do with an affliction warlock's powers would be to go on a murderous rampage. Which might or might not be entertaining, but then I would end up getting shot.

Cast soulstone?
I would shapeshift into a disappearing panther and scare the living crap out of my coworkers.
Teleportation and Portals, oh the travelling to be done.
05/14/2012 04:21 PMPosted by Rhoggarn

/cast Succubus
/cast [pet:succubus] Make Me a Sandwich!
05/14/2012 03:47 PMPosted by Koro


After that, idk.
05/14/2012 04:21 PMPosted by Virim
Waffles are vastly superior to pancakes.

But the syrup gets stuck in the squares, and if you want your syrup spread out you have to put way too much syrup on to fill all the squares!

Pancakes all the way!
Assuming that we have these powers but not restricted like our character are, I would summon my legion of demons and ... Send one to do my shopping, another to scare the neighbour, one for shenanigans, and another to Enslave the world under my dark and terrible power! To be able to revive myself from any injury via a soulstone and heal using healthstones! And when the world bows before me, I will go to Disney world like I never did as a child.
I'd soulstone myself and run out into the street to get hit by a car. Then, after I come back to life, I'd start summoning demons and blowing up empty vehicles until people accepted me as a god. I'd rule with an iron fist and start putting together a demonic army for world domination... or I'd just wipe out America cause they make fun of my favorite syrup...
I'd use Mind Control and usher in a new of Age of enlightenment. I suppose I could heal the sick and stuff. But being shadow emperor takes priority.
I would find the most crowded club on a Saturday in the city, I would clear the dancefloor with howl of terror and start my own disco inferno (literally, I would set things on fire)

Also I'd ship my felguard off to Canada to become the worlds greatest lumberjack.
Teleportation and fast travel would be. Mirror images to help each of my kids when they need it. Blinking around. And no more struggling to get the fire started in the fireplace when it just doesn't want to light, now just throw a pyroblast at it and problem solved!
05/14/2012 04:38 PMPosted by Jamalia
er, about as helpful as a TV set at primetime... ew.

Three kids, one 2 year old, when I'm trying to make dinner...yes, someone else during that time to pick up the baby or give her juice would be nice. I'm not talking about ignoring them, I'm talking about helping me when I'm the only one at home and outnumbered.

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