[A] So It's Mutiny You Say! 8/8HM 10M

Are you a ranged dps? Do you have Dragonwrath? Do you like playing your alts? If so, <So It’s Mutiny You Say> is looking to exploit you for sexual gain!
<So It’s Mutiny You Say> is a 10 man guild that formed in late February 2012 and we claimed our first H-Madness kill on the 12th of April.
We’re spending the rest of Cata farming H-DS and H-Rag, as well as doing tier 11 and old world !@#$ when we’re bored. We’re hoping to bolster our ranks going into MoP and are looking for competent players.

What we're looking for:

We're currently looking for ranged DPS, especially a Boomkin or Warlock, but we're recruiting every player with the attitude for progression in Mists of Pandaria. Most of us have multiple alts we can play as competently as mains, and we expect the same from any applicants. Nobody has a 'main' that they'll be raiding on for T14; we're going to make the best comp from the toons we all have.

What we expect from you:

-Ability to raid 8-12 cst Tuesday-Thursday- As a small guild we expect near 100% attendance, emergencies arise we understand that, but don’t apply if you know one of those nights will be a problem.
IMPORTANT NOTE: These times are very likely to change for MoP progression, but the guild will likely raid 3 days a week, and will not raid more than 15 hours a week.

-Competence on at least one alt- 10 man’s sometimes require wonky raid comps so you may be asked to switch toons for a tier of raiding or a particular encounter. We run an alt raid on Mondays it is not required but it couldn’t hurt, especially if trying to make an impression.

-Ability to handle criticism- We’re not a guild that likes screaming and raging at people (although we’re not above mocking you when you’re dumb). You may also be sat for the occasional fight, accept that it is not personal or an indictment of your play, someone else may fit better/bring something more useful. You will get all kills when relevant so don’t flip out if you don’t get one of the first few.

-Ability to learn from mistakes- We accept that no matter how skilled you are at this game, sometimes your brain shuts off and you get blown up by a parasite. We will mock you for it, but everyone does it so it’s no biggie as long as it’s not a recurring theme.

Most of the guild has been gaming together for a while so we’re pretty comfortable around each other and encourage everyone to hang around in mumble even when not raiding. Mumble chat is often racist and usually homoerotic, so be ready and don’t be easily offended.

Our goal for MoP is to rank among the top 100 10 man guilds in the US while maintaining a schedule of 15 hours a week or less.
While we maintain a fairly casual schedule and attitude, we have serious goals for MoP and want players that feel the same way. Bonus points if you're a brony (well, only with me; you'll lose points with Kusoge).

If interested do a /who and talk to someone, whoever is on will either help you or direct you to someone who can. We don't have an application or anything to fill out, so just find someone and we'll probably ask you random questions on Mumble.
There are so many lurid and torid things I want to put in this small box right now. My fingers do not have the dexterity to fully indulge myself in such sweet nothings. I feel like it's going to swallow me up and force it so deep inside I'll never be able to get it all out.
I hate bronies. Just sayin'.

The last 2 minutes are required study material during the app. process.
Stop playing D3 nerds and get with the program.
Bump for considerably clearer but less funny Mumble nicks. WTB CoE & anyone that likes fulltime dragonslaying on a part time schedule!
Interested. Will find someone in game soon.
Still looking for some handsome nerds to make homoerotic and racist jokes with. Also to fill in my spot so I can go play Diablo III instead!

I still hate My Little Pony and bronies.
MoP looking real close. Guild looking real cute. Might need one last handsome nerd with alts, questionable sexuality and a desire to see my goal of 0healing Ultraxion to come to fruition!
Bump. This game is boring. If you think joining our fatnerd party and killing dargons with no buff on would make it fun again, pst Arrietty of Faber. We might be on the lookout for one last person for MoP. Don't bother asking what we're recruiting; if you think that matters you don't know what 10 man progression is like!

Arrietty of Faber.
06/29/2012 01:58 PMPosted by Handinpants
Arrietty of Faber.

I stand by what I said. Get your own xmog.

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