{A} [Erudite] 10 man 8/8H Recruiting Tank/DPS

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You can always use more moonkin.
Hit dream when taking damage.
I dunno, guys. I think when someone from vodka speaks, you should pay attention!
Maybe you DO need a Moonkin. Perhaps a Restmoo Shamkin.

Clearly, you do not know TV very well!
Tv is worst priest.
Bump for good peps. :D
Resto shamans bumping my thread?


<3 Rivi
Still looking, WTB FRIENDS.
25% nerf, come be our resto shaman so we can kill Spine & Madness!
I need Earth Shield to compliment my Bone Shield and Blood Shield.
Bazbar still needs Earth Shield!
we could still use a mage, yeah? or are we putting a kung fu grip on kilzac. OR DO WE NEED A MAGE + KILZAC BECAUSE HE IS SO HANDSOME?
I am prettier than kilzac, esp with my cardigan on.
Bump for taking another trade pug 6/8H. That person could be you every week if you are a tank with a shield, a resto shaman, or maybe a really good mage.
I am not a tank with a shield, a resto shaman or a really good mage. Also, my wife does not let me raid.

Please apply if you are one of the above (not the wife one)
You are a pretty fantastic warlock though, as well as damn fine ear candy.
Resto Shaman. Mage. Tank with a shield?
mmmmm tea
WTB a tank with a shield. Preferably a warrior <3

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