{A} [Erudite] 10 man 8/8H Recruiting Tank/DPS

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I know how much you want shield tank but i do have a Dk tank i am currently 6/8H Xp on my holy paladin 5/8H on my hunter. Btw my DK is 399 i lvl Zezimasmith@yahoo.com Drop a pm if you need.
Would still very much like a tank and a DPS of some variety :)
I would like to join on this toon as soon as i can realm and faction.change paying for college .........
Still need a tank and/or a DPS! - Mage would be fantastic :)
Must be a mage and a tank with a shield out there somewhere who feel like raiding once a week.
Tank with a shield? DPS? Enquire within!
Find a tank yet?
i like tanks
Nope Framer, just some temporary fill-ins at the moment.
Tank & DPS <3
Damage Per Second.

Tank (with shield!).
Not sure you have a shield sir!
Simply bumping your thread, not interested in joining hehe :)

Another bump for ya sir :D
All kinds of still looking.
le bump
27k sadface.
5/8H fire mage with a prot pally alt, my limitations are i have work at 4:30pm
I think having to work at 4:30 might be a killer, sorry Chazz - although it might be worth trying to hunt me down for a quick chat if you're genuinely interested.
Also, Up!

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